Getting around "confused calibration 1" error (Dexcom G6/Xdrip+)

Hi All, because I had a lot of help from this forum when installing Xdrip + and Sony Smart watch 3, I would now like to share the solution of the “confused calibration 1” with you.

This morning I received the message “confused callibration 1” after I calibrated the Dexcom G6 via Xdrip +. The Xdrip + app then gave no more values in the graph. What I did to get it working again is to go to the “calibration data table” in the left menu of Xdrip. There I removed the value by swiping your finger to the left over the value. Then I did a new calibration via the right-hand menu in the Xdrip app. The menu on the left did not allow anymore. But through the right menu it was still possible. There was about 1 hour between the error message and the recalibration. After that everything worked again.

note 1: If you calibrate via the right-hand side of the xdrip menu, then you have to click again on the data point and then once again confirm in the popup that you want to use this value as “calibration”. This works differently than the calibration in the left-hand menu. Calibration is carried out directly in the menu on the left.

note 2: The best you can do, is to calibrate as little as possible, then I think Xdrip works best in combination with Dexcom G6.

I hope the above information will help you with solving this error. Good luck all, and thanks again for sharing all this information.


Thanks for coming back and helping us with a solution to an issue!