Xdrip Error

I am getting an error that says “Sensor data fails sanity test - Cannot Calibrate! raw:-0.1279” when calibrating in xdrip. It also gives an error about backfill out of order. I’m attaching a screenshot. If anyone can give me any guidance as to how to fix this I would appreciate it. Running the latest nightly of xdrip and a dexcom g6.

Do you have a normal dexcom receiver to test it against? I’ve had some sensors become bloody after setting things up. Could be a different type of sensor error too, I’ve had faulty batches every 15 boxes or so, at least historically.

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The readings on the receiver are the same as xdrip

So I was originally running bring your own dexcom and xdrip together. I think that is where my current issue started. There was something going on between the bring your own dexcom app and xdrip that was causing problems (40 plus points off what a meter read). I ended up in the ER last night because of it. I changed sensor (they did imaging at the hospital, so I had to anyway) and still had the same issue, but once I stopped using byod and was using only xdrip I didn’t have any more problems as far as accuracy. I can’t tell that THIS issue is doing any harm, there is nothing wrong with my readings, it’s just annoying.

That is not true.

Xdrip OR Dexcom app on phone directly get the data from transmitter.

However followers do need to get data from dexcom servers, which requires different settings.

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