G6 transmitter reset using windows

I have tried using the Spike-app.com using windows I have windows 10 and I can’t seem to get this to work, the instructions don’t seem to follow what windows is doing. Any ideas? I don’t have access to a mac and have an iphone.

Thank you

@Skooters I think if you’re using Spike the transmitter just keeps going until the batteries are dead. You don’t have to do anything. At least that’s how xDrip+ works.

Well my problem is I can’t even get it to download, am I correct that I have to download it to my laptop and then to my iphone as I am following the instructions for a non paid download

Depends on what version you’re downloading. There are 4 different download options - each lists the requirements for the download.

Once you completed the windows specific steps, did you complete the Common Steps with USB to move to iPhone and complete remaining steps?

First steps on PC

Common steps

(I have not done this, but just used Reset on android with xDrip)

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@Skooters I just looked at the spike-app website, and installing and maintaining this app would definitely make it a no-go for me, and I am pretty tech savvy.

Might I suggest that you get an inexpensive Android phone and use xDrip+ to reset your transmitters.

Until Spike is back in the app store, and you can install it and maintain it without all the rigamaroll required, I would not even recommend it for resetting a transmitter for a noobie.

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This is the approach I used for a trial with G6. Found net 10/Tracfone phone on AZM for $50, and use wifi only, no activation. Can also find at local stores.

Its the 2nd one the only one I see with Windows option

ok I have an old samsung around here somewhere I will try to find it, thank you, I have tried windows like 5 times I can’t even get it to extract the file!!

Thank you!

Thank you so much, with the android you just install the app correct? And no computer is needed? lol I hope not!

I found the instructions for the g5 it looks like it works for the g6 as well, thank you for all the info and help I really appreciate it!!


More details here.

Thank you so much!!

Just a thought will this app work on my kindle?

nope that won’t work off to best buy lol, thanks again