Resetting G6 Transmitter Using Spike App

So I’m asking for a friend here…

I’ve got a pal who reset her G6 transmitter (not sensor) last night using the Spike app. She says she started a new session and both the Dexcom app and her t:slim showed the warmup progress. After the warm up ended, her t:slim only showed the out of range symbol and failed to pick up any readings at all. Her Dexcom app, however, continued working fine, consistently providing readings. Does anyone know why she could not see her readings on the pump?


I don’t know about specifically this situation because I’ve never reset my transmitter via Spike. But when I changed my transmitter I had to go in and change the transmitter ID on the t:slim, and it was giving me similar behavior before doing so. Maybe she could try re-entering the transmitter SN on the pump?


I’ll pass it on. Thank you very much, @glitzabetes!

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So my friend got it working, and this is how she reported doing so… I figured I’d come back here and put it up since it seemed right to do so. :grin:


I found this video of reset transmitter.

Spike app demo

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