Reset G5 Transmitter

I’d like to reset my G5 transmitter. My glucoses are sent to my Tandem 2Xslim pump. I do not have them sent to my smartPhone or a transmitter. Is there a way to do do the reset without an iphone and mac computer?
I will be transitioning to the G6 in a bout 6 months
thanks in advance
elizabeth T1 x56 yr!!!

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Transmitters can’t be reset like sensors. If you want to reset the transmitter you will need Xdrip+ which runs on a phone.


@chris. If you do reset with XDrip, will the Tandem pump accept the recycled transmitter as new?


I doubt it.

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@1Fulana, welcome to FUD!!!

56 years, congratulations!! You are an inspiration!

@Thomas, @docslotnick, can you give her any more help on this beyond @Chris feedback?

@1Fulana, I am just realizing we had a related thread recently, about resetting a G6 transmitter with a t:slim. The OP used the Spike app.

Resetting G6 Transmitter Using Spike App

I wonder if that would be applicable to you.

Spike is an iPhone equivalent of xDrip.

Sounds like it should work the same with xDrip+.

It should behave with your 56 years D experience! I’m just a baby with 47 years experience.

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When resetting G5 or G6 transmitter, we are basically saying we want to reset the number of days it has been used, so it will continue to work past 90, correct?

If a dexcom (or tslim) device is asking transmitter for bg, which device controls that counter to know if 90 day limit is met?

Seems like I’ve seen screen shots of xdrip showing number greater than 90. So in that case, xdrip phone can get read, but dexcom native receiver would not ???

I need a data flow chart !!!

I know my G4 setup with 2 dexcom receivers lets me keep 2 different counts, so I can get readings while other receiver is in the 2 hr blackout. G4 transmitter days count doesnt matter, but days for sensor can be seen based on sensor start date.

@MM2. Transmitter and sensor use (number of days used) are all in the receiving device in G4 and G5 equipment. The G4 and G5 sensor and transmitter just keep sensing and sending readings but the receiver rejects them.

All that changed in G6. Now all the timers are contained in the transmitter and sensor.


thnx for all the replies. Here’s my take away.

  1. I will have to download xdrip+…need some support here. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone …maybe to outdated???

  2. the reset g5 transmitter will not transmit my bg data to my tandem tslim x2 pump. I will have to use the xdrip+ to view my bg data