G5 in sauna?

Quick question: I’ve got an invite to a floating sauna tonight…cook in the sauna and jump into the ice cold lake. Any idea if the Dexcom G5 can tolerate that?

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My son has done something similar several times: from the hot jacuzzi in winter to running and rolling into the snow.

He triple skintacs his skin first when he puts his sensor on, then puts a grifgrip on. Between the two it keeps his sensor attached well.

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Thanks…I am on day 84 for my transmitter so will not be risking much if I fry the transmitter.

We’ve done hours and hours in a really hot pool and the OmniPod was fine (Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest, which is so very, very amazing and you should go if you can.) After I typed that I realized EH had lost his receiver (which meant it was the G4 transmitter) on the way to Budapest (took more than a month, but someone sent it home). But he has used the G5 in a sauna and in a hot tub repeatedly with no issues.

I hope you go and report back! Sounds amazing!


Well the whole affair was cancelled, the floating sauna almost capsized before the wood stove went in so we spent a few hours bodybuilding (pushing and dragging the 2,000 pound barge/sauna on to a beach) instead! Followed by BBQ salmon so all in all not bad. Next time will be even better for sure, with a transmitter on day 91 so no worries if it does not like the temperature swings.

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I’d worry: Depending on when it was manufactured, that transmitter probably has at least a couple months of life left in it, and maybe several. Reset G5/G6 Transmitters – See My CGM

So far I’m able to schedule my lifestyle around the 112 day G5 shutoff. I’m in the mode right now of using up my expired Dexcom stockpile in preparation for switching to Libre in winter to use up that stockpile, possibly with one of the add ons.

I like to know for sure when my transmitter will die, not sure I’d be feeling too comfortable not knowing how many weeks/months are left. Thanks for the heads up, might give that app a try sometime!

This web site keeps reminding me of how differently we all see the world. You’re going for the safety that comes with a clear expiration date. I’m going for the economy of completely using it up before throwing it away. Both are completely valid, but your way didn’t even occur to me until you explained it. It’s good for me to be reminded of the limitations of my perception. Thank you.

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Well put and Exactly! Might switch to the Eversense some day for the same reason.

I have used mine in my sauna quite a bit but mine maxes out at about 150 degrees

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