First time I've seen this one

The paperclip trick was supposed to fix it, but it didn’t…they’re sending a replacement. This one was very annoying…a very long vibrate followed by a long series of very annoying beeps.

They want us to keep this receiver until the battery dies, then send it back to them (not sure why, but those were the instructions they gave.)


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Hot Water Baseboard Trim…

I have never seen it either!

Not sure if it was the exact error code, but I had one behave like that. We called in a replacement, but started working after the battery had fully discharged and was recharged.

We had that happen, but didn’t get the wait for the battery to die instructions, we just sent it back. They replaced it, new one has been working fine for 6 months.

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That error just means a hardware battery failure. If it is under warranty you should be able to get them to replace it.

If it is not under warranty, not sure why they want it back from you except for diagnostics. But it belongs to you, not them. Ask them what they’ll give you for it. (“Yeah, you can have it back if you send me a box of sensors…”) :slight_smile:

The case is closed with an ultra-sonic weld, so it’s basically like one piece of plastic, not really something you can pry apart without breaking it. If you could cut open the plastic case without breaking it too bad, the battery is a Sanyo UF463450F 920mAh battery.


Yep, they’re sending a new one - it will be here tomorrow. I just found it strange that they said they don’t want it back until the battery dies on it. lol. I don’t know how the battery is ever going to die since I pushed the paper clip in it and “shut it off” because I wasn’t going to have that loud annoying beep in our house for the next year while we wait for the battery to die.

I hadn’t thought about this, but you’re right…we bought this damn thing. It’s ours! lol

I think it depend on if they are replacing it or not. If it is under warranty and they send you a new one in exchange, then they have a right to the old one. But if they don’t replace it, then they have no claim on it.

Ahh, right. Yes, we’ll send it back then (eventually), because they are sending us a new one.

That may not be true if it has a serial number. The companies have a responsibility to the FDA to track and report all failures, and in the case of serial numbered product they may have to show that they tried to obtain it to perform defect analysis on the failed product. So while it may feel like they have no claim to it, they may in fact have a claim, and it might be buried in the T’s & C’s you agreed to when you purchased it.

Actually this makes a little bit of sense. Sending an item with a battery that still has a charge in it may present a problem, depending on the type of battery. There are a bunch of regs on mailing certain types of batteries, particularly lithium.

Or it may just be that they don’t want you mailing something with the alarm still going!

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