Dexcom receiver help

I just put on a new Dexcom G5 sensor and then tried to turn on my receiver. The receiver shows the startup screen that says “Dexcom” and the status bar moves across the screen then pauses for about a minute at about 95% startup status, then turns itself off. Any ideas?

Paperclip reset didn’t help

Has this receiver been sitting unused for any length of time? If so, that’s a pretty good sign that it’s toast.

I lost one a few months ago when I started using xDrip+ and put the receiver away for about a month.

Had been unused for just 2-3 days

Puzzling. I think this may be one for Dexcom support. Hopefully it’s less than a year old. If so they’ll just overnight you a new one and ask that return the old one

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@Sam, you’ve checked the charge obviously? This would be typical of a low battery, but I imagine that’s the first thing you checked.

Yeah, that sounds like the first thing to look at. Charge that thing.

Yeah it’s been on the charger

We had this problem with one of our receivers, @Sam and Dexcom didn’t offer any explanation of what could be wrong. They just asked us to mail it back to them (so that they could investigate) and they sent us a replacement (we were within the 1 year warranty timeframe when we received the replacement.)

I wish their devices weren’t so buggy honestly…Seeing how people’s lives are at stake, one would think these things would be MUCH more stable than they are. We’re now replacing our 4th??

Just got off the phone with tech support. They’re sending a replacement. The guy said this is a glitch that most frequently happens when the receiver gets turned on or off during a warmup session that was started by the phone (which is exactly what happened in my case).

Apparently they recommend (if you use both the phone and the receiver) to either initiate/end the session with the receiver instead of the phone. Or if you use the phone, do not turn the receiver on or off within 15 minutes of ending the session.

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Yes, we’ve been told just never “shut down” the receiver…like ever. Because shutting it down for whatever reason inevitably causes (or can cause) issues.

I don’t use the Dexcom continuously thoujk, never shutting it down is impractical in my case

@Sam When you stop the session, make sure you stop it with the receiver. That won’t do anything to the sensor or transmitter, it just let’s the receiver know to disconnect.

Then plug it in, don’t let the battery completely drain, until the next time you use it.

Then when you start your next session, start it with the receiver.

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