Dex data gone

Harold, I though you had this a while age.

I looked at my Dex receiver this morning and everything before 2am is gone. Is that a receiver problem they will swap out for you?

Not sure, our dex reciever that got replaced had an error code when you tried to power it up.

Yes, it happened to us before. We didn’t get it swapped out for that, but the information is still retrievable - it’s just not being displayed. If you hook it up, you should still see all the data on-line.

That happens all the time? I don’t think they’d replace a receiver for that as long as it reconnects at some point

I called Dex. They said they would replace it if it was in warranty, but since it is not, I would have to buy a replacement (one year warranty).

I will check out ebay now.

On a side-note, totally unrelated:

When I talked to Dex tech support and they told me I would have to pay for a replacement, it turns out the support rep was a T2D herself. As we talked, I learned she has to pay for her own sensors. I was a bit shocked that Dex doesn’t provide them for their people.

When you work at a fast food joint, they let you have an occasional Big Mac. If you work at a theater, they let you see movies for free. I was amazed that Dexcom doesn’t provide them for their people who need them.

The best support people for insulin pump, CGM, and BG meter companies are diabetics or parents of diabetics. Everyone else is just working from a script without really understanding it. Seems companies like that would want to attract diabetics to work for them. Although I am sure there is some legal issues or whatever for why they don’t. :frowning:

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I don’t think it is a legal issue. When I worked at Medtronic I had three type 1 diabetics I knew that I worked with, and they got horrible customer service from their own company, and had to pay for pumps that died just out of warranty, in one case they had to pay the overnight shipping to get their in warranty pump replaced, etc. etc.

Legally, they could have given them pumps, it just didn’t make business sense. But one of the reasons we haven’t looked too hard at the offerings from big blue is the terrible customer service I saw them give to employees. Imagine how bad it would have been if they weren’t employees. Customer service is important to me, and I have had nothing but great interactions with both Dexcom and Tandem.

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I agree about Dexcom, their support is the best of anyone I have dealt with.

But the thing is, diabetics or parents of diabetics are always the best support reps. Anyone that actually deals with the disease knows so much more. Seems like attracting diabetics to work for your company with a benefit like free sensors would be a good idea!

I agree that would be a great perk. I would offer it if I was running the company.

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also, besides being a great perk for the employees, its a tax write-off for the company if they “include” the cost into the employee’s salary. pretty certain of that, but not 100% (i used to work for a company that did that. it was wonderful.)

I tried Dexcom for about 1.5 years before i decided that it wasn’t for me. i was calling their customer support team every 3rd day, (sometimes several times in 1 day, believe it or not). they were so kind and so knowledgable and patient. i really appreciated that. (but i always wondered why they would ask me if i were very lean; “yes. i am very lean” " where do you have the sensor on your abdomen?" “lower right” i would answer. maybe the sensor was just not right for my body type. but you’d think that the company would take that into consideration, no?

another company that i love working with is Medtronic. their customer service is incredible. they are kind and patient and will spend endless time with you until you understand whatever it is that you need to. also, if there is a problem with any of their products they replace them immediately. you can also request “expedited shipping” and your package will come the next day. they have even sent me replacements when i have been away in a hotel.

In this day and age, questions about people’s weight are considered politically incorrect and off limits

My wife actually just corrected me and indicated we did have to get ours replaced when this happened with us. My apologies for misspeaking. If you still have warranty, they’ll replace for free; otherwise, it’ll be on your dime (unless your yearly premium has been met.)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the problem? You just mean that it lost signal from the transmitter for a few hours I thought?

No, it didn’t lose signal, it just didn’t keep the data after the system check restart. And it did the system check restart by itself for some unknown reason.

The difference, on a lost signal all the data before would still be there. It was working up until when I went to sleep. But this morning, all the data from before 2am was gone.

Dex said if it was in warranty they would send me a new one, but since it is not in warranty, it would be on my dime.

Ah I see… but if it’s not in warranty it should also be billable to your insurance and you’d just have to cover the copay wouldn’t it?

Yes, that’s what they said. So far it’s only blanked out like that once. Usually it’s a bad sensor. So I’ll ride it for a while and see how it holds out.

this is just one of the reasons i couldnt stay with the dexcom. i doubt that i was continually having bad sensors; but they wouldnt last for me more than 3 days. my endo suggested that if i couldnt pinch enough skin from my belly, i should try a meatier part of my body; so i attached it to my hip/tushy on the outer part of my thigh. and although the sensor went in ok, i still could not get a signal without getting the ??? throughout the day. and then my receiver would just go blank. and it always hurt going in.

finally, i just gave up. it was more trouble than it was worth. anyone else have this problem? i have heard about so many people getting 2 weeks out of 1 sensor. it was beyond me.

@Eric, Dexcom support has claimed in the past the the main reason for unexpected restarts is static electfricity. When I kept my receiver in my front pants pocket without a case, it would happen to me 2-3 times a day. I was always able to retrieve the data by downloading the receiver after the restart was complete. The Dexcom tech rep said unless the receiver bricked they wouldn’t replace it (this was last May 2017).


Thanks! Mine is usually in my pocket, so that’s good to know.

I appreciate the info!