Dex receiver not turning on? Charged

Anyone ever had a Dex receiver not turn on even though it’s charged? It had over a quarter battery left. I’ve had this happen a couple times before too. Push the button…nothing happens - it doesn’t turn on. Then after a while, it just decides to come on by itself. The strange part is that I’m still getting the data into my share app…


@ClaudnDaye Yes I had that happen once. Called Dexcom and they told me to stick a pin into the little hole in the back of three receiver to reset it. Solved the problem.

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Hmm. Didn’t work for me. The strangest thing is that I’m still getting data… I’ve had it happen a couple other times and it eventually turned itself back on.

Very strange.

Call them and report it. Even if you get it working again, report it!

I got a free swap because I had that issue.

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Probably will tomorrow. Can’t afford undependability. (If that’s even a word)

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I have about 100 USB charge cords sitting around my house and they’re essentially universal EXCEPT for with the Dexcom receiver which seems to be very particular about the charge cord it’s plugged into… more so than any of my other stuff. Also, I think share (in assuming bc I don’t use share) but I know the iPhone app is completely independent of the Dexcom receiver

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To my knowledge, it is not. However, “independently” is a word.

My bad…My iPhone is pulling the data into the g5 mobile app from the transmitter. It’s late and I’m tired and in bed…treating a 37. :frowning:

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So it still isn’t turning on. We called Labcorp (the company we get our supplies from) and they indicated it’s no longer under warranty (received the “original one” last April, although we had to do 2 replacements after that time due to faulty receivers.) So we called Dexcom and they indicated the same…if we want a new one it’ll be $1k. I’m ticked off that we would continue getting faulty receivers and then we’re expected to fork more money over to these money hungry leeches because they can’t get us a piece of equipment that works.

Anyway, we’re thinking of not even getting a new receiver since the Dexcom mobile app on my iPhone is sufficient and we have an extra line that we’re paying for and not using on our phone plan…we’re thinking of getting a cheap iPhone that we’ll use as the one to “keep near Liam”. That way, I don’t have to constantly swap phones with Erin.

If it is not under warranty anymore doesn’t that mean a new one could be billed to your insurance?

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If it’s no longer under warranty you may be able to order another through your insurance company – don’t know if it’s any better.

The only two use cases when we use the receiver:

  • (rare) school tests. If the disallows my son’s phone (happens sometimes, about once per quarter)

  • (every night) next to the bed on his end table, because the alarm is much louder and more difficult from my son to ignore.

There has to be a way to get it approved for use as a medical device. A meeting with the school nurse?

I can’t really argue, for a test. He could cheat with his phone. Not that he would. So, for those days, he also brings the receiver.

We can get one through insurance, yes. We’ve got our family “medical” costs met for the year…but the more I think about it, what’s going to be cheaper for us over the long haul? A receiver once a year at $1k? Or another iPhone for $500 that will last us 5 or more years?

I know insurance will cover 80 to 90% of the cost of a new receiver, but I just think maybe it’s a piece of equipment we don’t need and we could save those costs. If we could get a 3 - 5 year warranty, then it’d be worth it…but when they send us 3 devices in a year and all 3 have broken or been faulty, then we’re pretty much guaranteed to need a new one every year (out of pocket)

another iPhone for $500 that will last us 5 or more years?

Personally I think assuming an iPhone that lives with Liam will last 5 years is optimistic. We’ve already burned through two iPhones with Samson. I would estimate that you’d be replacing at least one iPhone every year or two in your cost calculation.

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I guess I should test the waters here. Since Sam hasn’t said it yet, I will…

Have you looked on eBay?

There! I said it! :open_mouth:

Flagged you. I also volunteer to be on the jury at your trial.

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We’ll probably get another receiver…I’m just miff’d that I’ve had to have 3 in a single year. They should restart that “1 year warranty” from the date you get EACH one of their faulty devices…

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Michel, Sorry, but this is bullsheet. You need to get the phone added to his 504 plan. We have our’s on our son’s and they can’t legally separate him from his phone, even for the SAT or ACT. (although for the big tests you have to do an additional step and get registered with the testing company).

The one teacher that tried this year ran into the principle and an angry daddy bear, and that ended that.

If my bear cub ever got caught cheating with his phone, the school would be the least of his worries.