Dexcom G5: signal loss with iphone but not receiver

I don’t have good results with my iPhone, it constantly drops the signal for long periods of time. I would not be comfortable counting on the Dexcom without the receiver, but I seem to have worse luck with it than some others

The reason is that the Dexcom iphone app is bugged, and drops BlueTooth connections every 12 hours. You need to reboot your iphone every 12 hours, and you won’t have any more dropping signal.

I have had zero problems with my iPhone so far.

this is probably due to the phone’s reception? We have better luck with the iPhone than the receiver…the latter has worse range and is more impeded by things like walls.

That’s been the opposite of my experience with 2 different iPhones… the stars have to be aligned perfectly for mine to not lose signal, but it will backfill for missed signals once it reconnects… even sitting here with my phone in my hands and the transmitter just a few inches away on my thigh it frequently loses the signal for long periods

This is exactly what we have experienced, @TiaG!

well then there’s only one explanation left, the iPhone fairies have cursed you for stepping on one of their mounds…


I thnk I might know why. @Sam, have you ever cursed into your iPhone?

[quote=“Michel, post:29, topic:1033”]
have you ever cursed into your iPhone?

Certainly not

Even as we speak here with the phone about 12 inches away from the transmitter, unobstructed, it has missed about the last 4 dots… (and @Michel I restarted it a couple hours ago when you mentioned that)

It’s probably pissed because your flat line isn’t as flat as usual. I’ve read that once the Dexcom mobile app becomes accustomed to receiving deviations in BG of only +/- 10 BG all day long, if they begin receiving larger deviations, they put you on time out. That could be it?

I definitely have much larger deviations than that all day, every day… this is a pretty typical daily line for me… the weekly summaries I’ve posted only show the interquartial ranges (e.g… your averages throwing out the top and bottom 25% of readings)

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I was just messing with you.

“Just hacking on ya”

(my favorite movie of all time)

Sam, how old is your sensor? From the noise, it looks like it is at least 2 weeks old?

Yeah it’s like 25iish days

OK, then that might be the reason. My understanding is that, after 10-14 days, everyone gets signal losses that get worse and worse. When we start getting the signal losses (today is it for us) we swap sensors.

My experience is that, on a new sensor, you should get a pristine signal for about 10 days, with no signal drops as long as you reboot your iphone daily (we reboot it twice a day). The iphone reboot is a common problem with bluetooth, in particular when you have several bluetooth devices, but even with one.

Strange…I never reset my iPhone and I’ve never had any connection issues since we connected it to the receiver transmitter (sorry!)

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Are you using the G4? To my knowledge the G5 iPhone connection is completely independent of the receiver but the G4 connects the iPhone to the receiver? I have the G5

G5 Platinum- yes, it’s paired by itself, to the transmitter. It doesn’t feed or filter through the receiver. Whenever we are calibrating the CGM, we have to manually input the BG’s into the iPhone.

How are you connecting the iPhone to the receiver? My iPhone pairs via Bluetooth to the transmitter on my sensor… it has no idea the receiver exists?

Same as you. What’s the question about? I thought we were only talking about resetting of the iPhone? I don’t have to reset / turn mine off/on and I don’t lose connection to the data.