Dexcom Receiver

I use the Dexcom receiver and not my phone to follow my BG. Anyone know how long the receiver lasts or how to tell when you need a new one?


There is a one year warranty on G6 receiver. I have 2, one past warranty, and another under warranty, both are working. But now I switched to Tandem pump that includes receiver function. At last check, both receivers were working.

If you are out of warranty (1year), you might want to get another one as backup. (Insurance will typically cover new one only after warranty).

If under warranty, you would be able to get replacement from dexcom in case of failure.

I have G4 receivers that have lasted over 3 years, they are pretty durable.


I do that too (most of the time). I hate having to unlock my phone to make the Dex alerts be quiet.

I went through several G5 receivers. They all met the same demise. The battery life kept getting shorter. Had to recharge it sooner and sooner. Eventually they wouldn’t hold a charge.

I am currently on my first G6 receiver. It was used, so it isn’t new. It’s a few years old. It is currently holding a charge for less than 3 days, so it seems to be going the same way as the G5’s.

How long does your charge last?

If you need to buy a new one, I found some places that seem reasonable. The other thing is to wait until your deductible is payed, then your insurance copay would be much less than doing it at the beginning of the year.


Thanks @MM2 and @Eric !
My G6 receiver was brand new in Aug 2019. I charge it every night so haven’t had any problems with holding a charge. Guess I should get a backup. Thanks!


In the end though, if I am likely to hit max out of pocket by year end, I prefer to have insurance cover whatever it covers, and doesn’t matter before or after as long as funds are available.

With pump supplies, dexcom, routine doctor appts and 2 prolia injections per year, I always max out.


Yes, the total cost is the same. But for some people it makes sense to pay off the deductible slower, with lower cost items earlier in the year, and then get the bigger items later in the year. Just so that the payout is not in a single big chunk.

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