Surprise: just received a new old-style G5 receiver from Dexcom!

Totally unexpected: I received a package this morning from Dexcom: a brand new, but old-type G5 receiver!

This is really strange at many levels:

  • I had no idea my insurance company allowed new receivers every year (I had checked, and thought that, despite the 1-year warranty, it was every 4 years)

  • I was not aware that Decom was going to ship me a new receiver

  • It is not a new G5 but an old-type G5, more compact, that I like much better!

I guess it is my 2017 Hanukkah gift from upstairs :slight_smile: I must have been a good boy—hard to believe I know.


Very strange…ours is every 4 years, but hopefully, we’ll get a package in the mail too! :smiley:


I get a new receiver annually. I have several unopened and unused.


What Insurance do you both use? We have BCBS PPO

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Athem Bluecross


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@Bradford - do you specifically request a new receiver or does Dex or your insurance send it to you? Asking because I have Anthem insurance as well and have had my Dex for almost 18 mos.

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From UnitedHealthcare that is doubly strange.

For me with UNH, to get a new receiver after 1 year, when the old one was out of warranty, I had to call in and describe a specific, concrete defect in the old receiver. The defect didn’t have to be a show-stopper: it was enough to report that the receiver was taking longer to recharge and the battery state of charge indicator never got to 100% green anymore.

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Actually Michel, did you confirm that this was billed to your insurance company and the insurance company provided reimbursement?

I am wondering if it was possible that this was a mistake on the part of Dexcom where they would then potentially eat the cost?

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Sorry for the delyed response. Looks like I overlooked it somehow. To answer your question, I have to physically call in every 12 months or they will not send me one. I actually have to call in sensors every 3 months, transmitter every 6 months and receiver every 12 months. I have calendar reminders now.

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Thank you!

Based on other threads here, it seems like the old G5 would be the best option for replacement for our current G4.

Apparently we are eligible for a replacement this month (1/2018). Any idea if the old G5 version is actually an option (rather than a divine intervention)? Is it worth it to upgrade now?