New Procedures for getting a new Receiver?

Our receiver has broken multiple times in the past and we were shipped a new one immediately. This time when Erin called, they said they’re not sending us a new one until we first send back the old one so that they can look for water or heat damage. What? So, we now have to go a month or more without a receiver?

In the past, if the receiver was under warranty they would immediately send us a new one and a package to ship back the broken/old one back in. This time, the receiver IS under warranty, but they’re not sending us a new one until they get the old one and check for damage first?

Thank goodness we don’t even really need the receiver, but what if we didn’t have the mobile apps? Are they really making people wait now to receive new receivers? The receiver has no damage, but to make us wait is insane imo. Anyone else experienced this recently?

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That sounds entirely weird. The normal process for any D “thing” you need replaced - bad sensor, bad pod, bad PDM, any other thing - is they send you the replacement and the package contains a box or envelope (with a red bag for anything that has been exposed to blood, like a sensor).

And you just put the defective thing in the bag/box and send it back, after you have the replacement.

Did you tell them this receiver is partially working and not completely dead?

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Yes, that’s why I’m posting in here…it’s never happened before.

Erin told them that it turns on while we have it plugged in (battery full), then when it was unplugged it would turn off again and wouldn’t come back on again until plugged back in (requiring new date/time to be set again). So, they knew it is semi-working. First time we’ve ever heard this from them (Dexcom).

They said they would be shipping us a new one AFTER they’ve had a chance to make sure it wasn’t damaged by heat or water damage. Either way we would get a new one, but if it was damaged by heat or water, Warranty would not be covering it. I’ve never heard anything like this before…

And we’ve still not even gotten the envelope/box to send them the old one back yet…and this conversation was had last Tuesday, by Erin and Dexcom.

Try a different call and try telling them it is completely dead and not working and see if that changes the process.

You never know. New guy answering the phone, maybe they have a different flow-chart process to follow depending on dead versus partially dead, or something like that.

So just try to get the next guy on the phone to follow the different flow-chart process when he answers the phone, and see if that works.

But if you need to, I can loan you a receiver for a few weeks or few months until you get it replaced.

I can send it to you, you guys use it until you have a replacement, and then send it back to me. No problem there.

G5, right?

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Yes, G5. We’ve never had any flowchart issues in the past…we’ve had 3 or 4 replaced in the 3 years since he was diagnosed and it wasn’t even a discussion…"OK, Sir - a new one is in the mail. Please mail back your old one.) It was that simple. If it was out of warranty, they would charge us and send us a new one and we kept the old, broken one.

We don’t really need need it, but the process seems broken now.

I’ll be calling them again after I get back from BJJ class and see if I can get someone on the phone that responds differently - will post updates to their justification for this new policy if that’s what this is.

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Keep in mind when you call back, the person you spoke with before (who wants you to return the receiver first, before they send out a replacement) undoubedly entered notes to such in their system.

@ClaudnDaye in a pinch, you could use Spike or XDrip on a phone for a receiver and delete when you finally get the new one.

Ask for a supervisor??


Sorry you are having that issue with Dexcom support, I hope it is an aberration and not a new normal workflow.


We have g5 mobile app on both our phones and follow plus SugarMate so we are still good.

I’ll update after I call them today.

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I always do. My wife, not so often. I don’t settle.

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Alright, I just got off of the phone with “Erica” from Dexcom (I remember the good apples). She profusely apologized for the bad apply my wife spoke with but she assured me the process we know is still the current process. Even though the guy told my wife incorrectly, he did; indeed, ship both the receiver and the return kit. So, it looks like a case of him just misinforming Erin (or some misunderstanding occurring during the conversation.)

The receiver is set to be here today.


I checked the online G5 warranty info, and it does state the replacement is sent out AFTER receipt of defective unit. May have been a change. But obviously Dexcom Support follows different protocols by person.

At one time, maybe Seven or G4, I think there was one time discounted replacement, if water damage. Don’t see that listed for G5.


This is more of what I’ve been encountering with customer service. There are new people who seem to want to be overly combative and suspicious for no good reason. About a month ago I was feeding my baby and told them I could go look at the transmitter number after I was done feeding him – and this woman who was clearly new was like “I cannot do anything until you get it.” So I had to stop feeding my baby and go get it in the middle of a really chaotic period of dinner.

I actually wrote an email to Kevin Sayer (Dexcom CEO)and he apologized and then a customer service supervisor wanted to follow up with me . But I felt guilty because I didn’t want to get someone fired or reprimanded over what was clearly a noob mistake.


I must say, ■■■■ that. They have a product that many of us rely on, if you are feeding your baby, and they need to call you back or give you the benefit of the doubt, then they should.

Yesterday my son and I finally got a call back from Tandem after waiting patiently for 30 minutes on hold, and the call came as we were driving to his baseball game. They asked what time would be good to reach us and called us back at the appropriate time. That is the way customer service should be done.


As I was waiting on customer service they had a message something like, “If you don’t feel like waiting, we are willing to call you back within 4 hours if the workload is not too bad” or something like that…I was like…yeah, no. I’ll just wait.

I agree, if Erin was breastfeeding our baby and they tried that, I’d be on that phone like flies on sh*t asking for a supervisor. Like things aren’t already hectic enough in a house with kids and some with special needs.