Dexcom G5 Update Question

I ran the G5 update a couple days ago on my receiver and it blew it up. Complete signal loss, no trend graph, intermittent shutdowns when I entered BG readings. DEXCOM wouldn’t do anything about this since the receiver is out of warranty, just initiated the process to get a new one. Anyone with a G5 that is out of warranty done a successful update? I don’t want to sound too skeptical but is there any way to know if this update purposely shuts down out-of-warranty devices?

I have no facts on it, but from a strictly business perspective, if a company purposefully caused that to happen with an upgrade on a medical device which people are using for such an important reason, the potential blowup would be huge.

Keep in mind, Dexcom’s profits are on the sensors. You replace those every week or two (or three for some people). The receiver is not the big money maker.

But anyway, welcome to FUD!

Lots of Dex savvy people here.

Thanks for the welcome.

I still have trouble with the whole receiver warranty thing. I don’t see how it can wear out, nor why it has to be replaced (or should be replaced) every year. Also, they just seemed so uninterested in the whole thing. Seems like if they had a potential problem with the update they’d at least ask me to return the receiver so they could check it out…

If the receiver is causing you trouble - and you don’t want to replace it - you could just use your phone instead.

Have you done a reset on it? That might help.

Tried the reset with tech support on the line. No help. Actually made it worse, before the reset even though it had the signal loss alert it would still show a reading, even though it didn’t seem to be storing them (no trend line). After the reset I didn’t even get that.

The iPhone app doesn’t work on my phone with wireless turned on and has issue at times with wireless off. Using the receiver I had zero problems until the upgrade. Dexcom support solution was to just turn off wireless.

Oh well…