Third time this week

No clue why it keeps doing this…

Are you under warranty? Call it in and report it. I have seen mine do that on occasion, but it still works ok.

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The system check appears to mean the receiver encountered an error. The receiver then ran diagnostics and determined everything is ok.

Consider it either with a glass half-full or half-empty point of view.
Half-Full - That is great the diagnostics found no problem.
Half-Empty - That is bad the receiver keeps encountering an error.

If the receiver is not under warranty then hopefully it does not fail.

It it is under warranty, it would not likely be replaced (solely from this) as the diagnostics check says there is not a problem at this point.

If it is under warranty, you might want to be careful not to accidentally do the following procedure as then it might actually break and have to be replaced under said warranty.

Note that we just had a G5 receiver replaced under warranty which in hindsight appears likely to be exactly due to the set of actions as described in the above post. At the time we were not aware of what caused the receiver to “loop” nor did Dex Tech Support provide indication of what might have been the cause. The receiver had less than one month left on its warranty so we just made it under the wire for the replacement unit.
Normally we would never power off the G5 Receiver however we were doing testing with the X2/G5 integration and so had powered off the receiver at a couple points to avoid interference between the G5 Receiver and the X2. Apparently it would have been safer to just leave the G5 Receiver powered on, wrap it in heavy-duty tinfoil and move it far out of range.

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Oh yeah, I learned the hard way (and even posted over at TuD) about turning off my receiver between sensor changes…which breaks the receiver. I’ve done that before. lol. I know better than that these days…it stays on all the time now. Yes, it’s definitely abnormal and not behavior we see regularly. It is under warranty so, if it happens again, we’ll make that call. I’m just hoping that was the last time.

It’s not the end of the world when that happens and the data, even though it’s disappeared on the receiver, is still available on-line. It just disappears from the point the system was checked, back 24 hours.

As you and @Eric expressed, though, sounds like we just need to make the call and get a replacement. In the 1.5 years we’ve been living with diabetes…of that only about a year we’ve actually been using the POD/CGM. I would say we’ve had to replace receivers 4 times now? About once per quarter? That’s pretty bad statistics…

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