First time for this...anyone else experienced this?

Just started a new sensor session… Full change on a new arm, on the 16th. Somehow the receiver charge was overlooked and it died while my wife was or and about with Liam. When she got home she plugged in the receiver and shortly after she plugged it in we received an error that the sensor session has ended.

Anyone else ever experienced anything like this? We are in the two hour warmup now for a new session but I’m not sure if the receiver dying caused it, or something else, but it’s the only thing that was different.

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I have seen some occasional weirdness when the battery was about to die and I needed to swap it out. I think it stopped in the middle of the warmup, or something strange like that. But it never gave me the battery message. After replacing the sensor and it failing again, I replaced the battery and it worked.

I also had a battery that failed about 1 1/2 months before it was due, and when I replaced the battery it all worked again.

So check your battery, maybe that is what caused it.

You guys are still on the G5, right?

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2 hour warm up completed and it’s fine now. Very bizarre. Never seen that before.


You guys use an iPhone too? Was it still tracking when the receiver said session had ended?

I will be curious to see what Dexcom says when you called them, if you call them.

Sounds like a bummer. :frowning: That two hour warm-up is so frustrating!

Both devices ended. IPhone and receiver.

Didn’t call them. Figured it was a lessons learned on our part. Just don’t let the receiver die.