Firefox Quantum: my favorite extensions are gone :(

I just upgraded to Firefox 57 Quantum. None of my favourite extensions are compatible or will be. I am really unhappy, as it makes it impossible for me to use my workflow on FF.

Btw, my two best faves are ProfileSwitcher and MakeLink.

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@Michel Don’t tell me Apple took over the upgrade process for Fire Fox :wink:

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A work-around for a few months is to switch over to the Firefox Extended Support Release release, which still has the pre-quantum machinery

Beyond that, the choices seemingly are to cave in and lose the add-ons you currently use, or to switch over to one of the pre-quantum firefox forks that will continue to support the old-style add-ons, for example PaleMoon or SeaMonkey

I haven’t updated to v57 yet (waiting for the compatible NoScript release) but I will try it and see how it goes. I do lament their policy decision that add-ons should only be able to modify the contents of a web page, not the behavior of the browser itself. They justify this restriction as a prerequisite for significantly improved security and performance. I’m thinking they have broken the main reason we chose Firefox over alternative browsers.

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I totally agree with you. I was a very early Firefox adopter: I believed (and believe) in opensource as an ideology. I don’t feel good about becoming an exclusive Chrome user :frowning:

I like the upgrade so far because Firefox seems to need a lot less memory than before. I am one of those people who have a habit of using way too many tabs simultaneously, which takes a lot of memory and in the end causes Firefox to stop responding. Usually when I looked at the memory usage in task manager, Firefox would be at 1200-1900 MB. For the sake of testing memory usage, I’ve just opened 41 tabs and it seems to hover between 220 and 295 MB. I think that’s a major improvement :smile:


@Michel you could always go with one of the Chromium (opensource) forks that respects your privacy such as Iridium Browser.

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