Hey all, I switched from using minimed paradigm infusion sets to my new t:slim x2. I am very happy with the change…but not so happy with all the paradigm supplies laying around. Does anyone have any suggestions of what can be done with such things? Can I sell it? Can I give it away? Wasting does not feel like an option since squander and I are bitter enemies.


@daisymae uses the minimed.

Those might work for her, she might want them.

@daisymae, if you want them, and Trever is willing to send them to me, I can proxy them to you.

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@Eric I use the Minimed Silhouette infusion set. I can always use them, but I use the smallest cannula and shortest tubing.

let me know which style he has laying around!!! I am happy to receive !!! :star_struck:


I do not know, but let’s tag him here and we’ll find out.


Eric and Daisymae,
@Eric @daisymae
This sounds great. I hope you can use this stuff.
Take a look at these pictures and let me know. there are approximately 8 shipping boxes of the 3ml reservoirs and paradigm quick-sets. I just want to clarify that you can arrange some way to pay for shipping?

Trever Alters


If @daisymae wants this, I will cover shipping. PM me.

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@Trever and @Eric, the two of you are so sweet and considerate and thoughtful!!!

unfortunately, these are not the sets that I use for my pump. I do use the same type of reservoir , but fortunately, I have so many of them I am having to build a new wing in my home just to store them.

but many many thanks anyways! I’m certain you will find someone who can use them.

(btw, @Trever, how do you like the “quick set?” I’ve been using the silhouette for years now, and am so comfortable with them, I never thought of changing.)



@daisymae,Sorry you cannot use all these supplies. I guess I’ll have to find someone else to take my thousands of dollars of pump supplies :wink: .

I liked to quick set for the most part. I liked that I could poke it into the skin without having to use an insertion device. I didn’t like that they would sometimes start leaking on about day 4 (yes, I know you are only supposed to use them for 3 days :slight_smile:)

Now I use the t slim:x2 and I do not like the insertion sets as much. For some reason, the shape of it feels like it is more prone to catching on table corners, etc. Also, I don’t really care for their reservoirs because you cannot physically see in them to know how much insulin is in there…its a good thing for tandem that they are working with dexcom because that’s the best part of the change.

@Trever, my Silhouette does not re4quire a mechanical insertion device either. it is completely manual if I choose (which I always do).

thank you so much for the generous offer though. I am sorry you are having problems and/or disappointments with the Tandem. I almost switched over from the MiniMed years ago, but decided I was too happy to bother to change companies.


If you still have these leftovers, then there’s a couple ways you can donate them! Local JDRF chapters and sometimes endos or CDEs can collect and pass along unused supplies. Alternatively there is an app called “HelpAround” that you can post on for nearby diabetics to see. I’ve donated some old supplies using HelpAround. Some people use it to sell supplies as well


Thanks for the info on HelpAround! Exactly what I was looking for!!! Are there any other apps/websites that folks post to with extra supplies to buy/donate?


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