Loop and Heroku

I’ve commented previously about building Loop and use of various programs (Heroku, MongoDB, Nightscout). All are or have had free versions for use. Apparently Heroku is stopping its long held “free” accounts in November 2022 due to abusive use and security concerns (see CGM in the Cloud | Facebook). This will require either paying Heroku for use (indicated $7/month), setting up your own Nightscout site, using T1Pal ($11/month last I saw during the Sugarmate downtime), or one of the other alternatives. If you’re using Loop, or Heroku for other needs, you may want to research the issue and make plans now rather than getting caught short later. Quite frankly, I think we’ve been fortunate to have had use of the Heroku and other platforms for free for as long as we have and thank the owners/operators/developers for the use. I imagine there will be much more discussion on various forums and possibly other companies that eventually go the same route.


Yes, I saw the announcement, too. Heroku has been great. Previously, I used Azure but Nightscout recommended a switch to Heroku when Azure free accounts no longer supported Nightscout.

I might try building and deploying it on my Azure free site again to see how it fairs with the latest build but I expect it to fail. I’ll post here if it succeeds!


I completely agree. I’ll happily pay $7 for the continued use and am grateful that they made it free for us as long as they did. They are a business…and they can’t stay in business and make profit if they don’t charge people.


just a reminder that free Heroku expires in ~10 days

Probably better to subscribe or find another option in advance.
Cost for me is $5 per month - I don’t really mind as I got 4 years free


I haven’t actually paid anything but did set it up to hobby. Hopefully it gets paid…I’ll know if it doesn’t. Lol


i haven’t logged in in a while so need to check what’s going on…they do have a CC# though and seems like a lot of companies just charge things automatically