Mongo Lab Cloud Provider



I was beginning the process over again (new account) in the hopes of getting a successful Nightscout/xDrip+ setup and came to the following screen when configuring my Mongo Lab account. My question is…if I’m deploying to Heroku again (recommended as of Sep 2017), which of these should I select?? There’s not any info that I can tell on which of these is the best solution (or if it even matters). I would think selecting Azure cloud hosting would cause problems potentially, if not using Azure as my site.


I’m leaning toward Amazon Web Services because this server is located here in VA. The Google Cloud Platform server location is in Iowa (Central) - so not as great of an option. Microsoft Azure also has a hosting server located here in VA.


Not sure how you got to that screen. If you are deploying Nightscout to Heroku, you do not need Mongo Lab account and you do not need to do anything about the database - it is installed automatically by Heroku. I assume you are following these instructions (?):


I do not think physical location of the server makes any difference


There are too many options on the Nightscout site…Thanks.


I agree that it could be simpler to navigate. You used to have to setup your own Mongo Lab account, but now with auto-deploy–it does it all for you. Very simple now.


I have an azure site but I’m pretty sure I just went with amazon. I don’t think it really matters. I didn’t think you needed to do that with heroku.


Why don’t you go for the managed cloud hosting. For instance: managed google cloud hosting or you could also choose managed AWS. As their are companies like Cloudways who can provide you with manged hosting service. I have personally tried their service and I am very much satisfied with their service. Although, I can’t say anything for Azure as I have not experienced their service.


@ClaudnDaye I just set up a nightscout site, and after creating a heroku site i didn’t need to do anything with mongodb.