New xDrip+ update - what does it do?

Greetings all. I found a new update for xDrip+ (upon which i now rely heavily!) arrive this morning. Could anyone let me know what is does differently? Or perhaps someone could point me to the update comments/log? I can’t seem to find them.
Thank you vm indeed.


The releases are located here. You can do a compare with previous releases by tapping the Compare button and select the version for comparison.


I was wondering about that too. Jamorham decides periodically that he has a release that fixes bugs or adds features or whatever and is stable enough for us non-tech users to download it. I looked at all the stuff on Github and could not find anything describing what this one does. It is more likely to be on the 16,000-plus member Facebook group, but I don’t have a Facebook account and can’t see that.


Yes, he doesn’t typically put out a summary of features for the release.

I don’t see anything describing it on the FB site either.

The GitHub commit comments of each change should be quite useful though time consuming to read.

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