Experience with Using Control IQ Sleep Mode 23.9 hours per day

So my son’s experience using sleep mode has gone really well. How does it work for you?


I’m in the process of getting tandem, and wondering if I should start with 23.9 sleep, based on what I’ve heard. Will be interested in the posts here.


Hello! This is what I do. I works very well for me! I like keeping my numbers between 90-110. I think this really helps me get there.


What is the logic for doing this? I’m intrigued…?

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Sleep mode has a lower target BG and tighter range. But it doesn’t give automated correction boluses, it just makes temp basal increases to counteract high BG. That’s a little slower, but some people think it’s a good tradeoff to get the lower and tighter BG range, since probably they would use manual override boluses to bring down a big high anyway.


I haven’t tried all time sleep mode. I mentioned it to my trainer, she smiled and said, “We call them sleepers.”

It works well for some. It’s just like anything else, we have to find what works best for us.

My trainer suggested I turn on exercise mode about 45 minutes before a ride. I tried that, but have better results staying in regular mode. I do use sleep mode during sleep. It works well.

We have to pay attention to our trends and tweak things a bit to get better results.


“Sleepers”! I love it ha ha

I’m going to test this out. I am so flatlined during the night, but around lunch time and onwards it’s hit or miss…