Control IQ in action

Not perfect, but for initial release dang good.


May not be perfect, but for most people that is completely awesome! Were you able to accomplish this while not paying much attention to your diabetes?

I was sleeping :sleeping: and don’t recall waking up. So yes, I wasn’t pay any attention…lol


I missed inspecting the time, and just thought that was a 24 hour period. Now that you mention it, I see the full picture…lol

I am trying to understand how Contol IQ works, so I did my unexpected attempt at analyzing the data, times are rough approximations.

Did C IQ stop basal 12:30AM because of the low? There was a steady rise from 2 to 3AM going out of range at 3A. When did C-IQ did a bolus correction and how much, BG peaked at 3:20A and dropped back in range at 4:20AM.

I am assuming that the blue is insulin but not sure. Is this an earlier pump that the X2. I have the simulation app for X2 which is slightly different.

Thanks for sharing the image, and I’m glad you got to sleep through it all.

I am thinking about going to a T:Slim X2 pump from pens, depending on the endo and my insurance.

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So there are two modes people are using, one is the standard mode and the other is sleep mode for 23.9 hours per day, so the answer is it depends. Basal IQ allows my son to maintain adequate A1c’s (6’s) with much much less effort than before BIQ.

No, actually it stopped insulin at 11:30 and what you’re not seeing is it was reducing my basil prior to stopping insulin at 11:30. 12:30 is when I dropped below 70 and you can see at 2:00 I was back above 70.

I was in sleep mode so it didn’t do a correction bolus, it was increasing basil to bring me back to target.


what’s your routine generally like the 3 hours before sleeping?

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Thanks for the explanation, If I get approval I will definitely have some questions for the rep.

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Depends what I have going on.

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