TSlim-Control IQ Users Help Please

I’m about to order Tandem Control-IQ pump and G6. Currently have a Medtronic pump (out of warranty) and G5.

I currently spend a lot of time controlling my BG and believe I am doing it effectively as my Ave BG is 105 and TIR (65-150) is 95%. I am willing to see my Ave BG increase slightly if I can spend less time managing it. Can someone who currently operates Control IQ shed some light on my questions?

Can I operate the Sleep profile all day and night?
If I choose, can I manually input a bolus in Control-IQ while I am in sleep mode?
Other than developing a personal profile including carb ratio, correction factor, etc., can I choose to ignore all meal bolus input such as estimated carbs to be eaten?
Am I able to look back and see the changes Control-IQ makes to adjust or stop my basal during a 24-hour period?
Anything else you think is especially important to know before I order Control IQ?

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, but you still need to enter a meal bolus either by carbs or insulin amount. You cannot skip doing a meal bolus
  4. Yes
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After you get set up and get things working, it would be great if you could add to our knowledge base. Obviously with the competing algorithms out there (Medtronic, loop, etc). It helps to understand intimately who the algorithms work for and who they don’t We are currently in the patiently waiting mode for our prescription to be entered into their system so we can download the upgrade.


When I think of algorithms I think of CGMs. My G5 sensor sends raw data to my Dexcom receiver and my phone. I use Xdrip on my phone. It collects the raw data and I can choose to use Dexcom algorithm, Xdrip algorithm or some other algorithm. It cool. After testing, I use the Dexcom algorithm. What kinds are things are you referring to when you talk about a pumps algorithm?

Control-Iq is nothing more than an algorithm. That’s all it is

Sorry I only think of Medtronic as a pump. I assume you were referring to its CGM which I have never used.

No worries at all, I have spent most of my adult life in the medical device arena, so algorithms is how devices operate, and that is how I think.

The good news is that if Control IQ doesn’t work for you, you can turn it off and just have a pump. Also I have heard of one report that you can get them to remove Control IQ and go back to Basal IQ, which is an algorithm that is working really really well for us right now.


Yes I think it is going to work for me just fine. But one reason my ave BG has been 105, is that I like to spend time in the 80s especially if I have no IOB. I guess I will have to forget that except if I choose to use it just as a pump.

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One way to accomplish this is using the sleep profile you mentioned. I suspect you will have pretty good luck judging by the others who are trying this.

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I’m definitely going to try sleep mode first. But I thought Control-IQ would try to force you to 112 if you were successful getting it below 112. Anyway I have tons of things to try especially with the good answers I received today.

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It will do everything in it’s power to to keep you at 112. That’s the TARGET, if you fall below, it cuts basal rates, if you go above, it increases basal rates.

@RCA221no offense, but you seem to be just like all the other people who flocked to the 670 when it was released and then bitched and moaned that the pump was set at a 130 target, and wasn’t giving you the same control you had before you started using it.

Going into this with a mindset that you’re going to try to trick and manipulate the algorithm into doing something that it is not designed to do, is a fool’s errand.

If you don’t want your BG constantly between 110-120, with no effort at all, this is NOT the pump for you.

Here’s my 24 hour graph, with less than twenty seconds of diabetes management put into it. The threshold is 70-120, I do not eat like most people on these forums claim to. Two blades of grass and a corn nut three meals a day would cause me to put a shotgun in my mouth. Around 8pm last night I ate a twenty piece McNuggets and a large fry with a gallon of ketchup with 3-4 cans of regular coke. Yeah, control-iq is working fabulously for me

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Tandem has been pretty clear there is no going back to Basil IQ. Maybe their position is changing but if moving to Control IQ, I wouldn’t place much hope in the possibility of going back if you don’t like it.

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Jim, I don’t want to go back to Basal IQ I want to turn Control IQ on but leave it on sleep mode 24 hrs and not be concerned about spending much time on planning meals. What I heard today sounds perfect for me.

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I’m still in the wait and see mode, but initial reports seem positive. Fortunately there is a lot of demand for the product so there is quite a bit of feedback coming in.

Very positive. I would guess 10:1 favorable, or more, on this site alone.

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I used the 670 on automode for 6 months. It was a nightmare and not for the reasons mentioned above. I used X2 with G6 and BIQ. It was great for lessening lows. I upgraded to CIQ the day it was released. I started in standard mode then moved to 24 hour sleep mode. Your questions were answered except one and that is where to see Action details. T-connect is pretty good but Tidepool is excellent. It shows each action by CIQ and also profile basal changes along with all other typical reading like carbs and boluses. i know several people who are able to manage settings for it to work for you. Which is nothing like what people did with the 670. This algorithm is made to work with your profiles.

Thanks. I’ll make sure that I give T-Connect a try after I get things running.


You are doing so well with your system now I think you will be happy with CIQ and hopefully won’t need to work so hard. All the best to you!

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