New Tandem tslim! Have some questions!

I just got my new pump yesterday woohoo! Now I am trying to figure it out. :slight_smile:

Confused in control IQ… why do I need a basal rate in my profile if I’m using control iq? Doesn’t it raise and lower the basal for me? Is it better to set it lower and then see how much it raises it and adjust from there? It keep me high all day yesterday so I was like what’s the point? :slight_smile:

It’s a little complicate as I use Tresiba for the untethered regimen.


We use the Tslim pump for an untethered approach, however we only inject 50% of basal, and then use the pump to inject the other half. If I were you, I would start the pump out without CIQ, because the basal is what it adjusts off of, and so is quite important, get my basals dialed in and then turn on CIQ.


One basal rate or multiple if needed?


Multiple if needed, of course. The basal is to keep your BG more or less steady in the absence of other factors, such as food and exercise. In my case, I need more than twice as much basal insulin during the nighttime hours. Give the pump a good starting point.


As @bkh said, multiple.

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Note: I have no experience running C-IQ untethered, but if your basal rate is zero, C-IQ CAN’T help you prevent lows, because it does that by dialing back or completely stopping your basal rate. If basal is zero, there is nothing to slow or stop.

It also determines a maximum basal rate that it will allow/add. I can’t quite remember how that is calculated … but I’ve got a vague recollection that it includes your total daily insulin usage and your weight. In fact, I don’t recall actually seeing how that maximum is calculated or whether you can display it … but it would be nice to know.

Finally, if C-IQ predicts that your reading will go above 180 mg/dL, it will add a bolus … but only 60% of what it thinks you need and no more than once per hour. So, for safety reasons, the automatic bolus is actually weaker than many would like.

Best of luck adapting to C-IQ.


Control-IQ is an option to have on or off, so basic settings are required to run when it is off. There is another option to turn on/off Sleep mode. Some keep this mode on 24 hours, which results in basal changes only, no C-IQ initiated bolus corrections.

As suggested, get basic settings tested first, then figure out the CIQ and Sleep options.

Consider using T:Connect app, which displays details/trends of cgm and bolus, and basal changes.

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