Dexcom support

Having trouble getting my new sensors from Dexcom. Their support people in India are not following through with orders and I am getting low on sensors. I called Dexcom’s support phone number and was shocked that they no longer have 24/7 support. After wading through their auto menu they said to call back during daily business hours, 8-5, Monday through Friday but no support on weekends! Anyone know when this change was made?

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There is a difference between Customer Support and Technical Support.

Technical Support is always open.
24 x 7

Not highly relevant but I think their new call center is the Philippines, not India.

@redhawks2 You might try email. My Medicare order got held up in their shipping department, and three calls to their customer service number yielded nothing.

I emailed customer support, which is still handled in the U.S. Problem was resolved in one day, along with extra supplies for my trouble.


this is interesting…i thought i read the Dexcom has phased out direct to to patient dispensing?

Or are they in the process now? Or was i reacting oddly to those “special” herbal gummy candies i make? winkwinknudgenudheknowwhatimean? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually customer support is 100% in the Philippines. Two techs were retained in the USA after Dexcom got into some hot water after offshoring that to the Philippines too. Can’t discuss the second bit, but it’s still not settled.

Quite apart from where customer or tech support comes from (I don’t care, so long as they are competent) the manufacturers I’m familiar with (Insulet and Dexcom) are clearly moving their US supply lines to the pharmacies.

This has worked well for me; the prior arrangement, intermediate supply companies like EdgePark, were a disaster for me and my insurance company insisted I used them rather than direct supply. This is all in the US of course; rest of the world please turn volume to low.

I’m assuming you (@redhawks2) are in the US. Sorry if I got that wrong, but I would be very interested to know if I did. In this land of the benighted the pharmacies are our dubious evil protectors; they control the supply chains and they have their dark networks into our government (tr: they pay a lot of money; we do have the best government money can buy), so they get to offer the hit at the lowest price. It’s just a matter of supply chains and markups, and profit.

So I go with ordering through Wal{Mart,green} as appropriate. At least I have a choice [joker laughter stage left].

Seriously, pokerface, take the prescription to as many pharmacies as you can find.