I have been dealing with Dexcom as the parent of child with T1 diabetes for a year.

Over that period of time, I have called them probably 20 times. Every one of my interactions with their operators has been positive. I have always received timely help from Dexcom, even when calling in the middle of the night (which has happened numerous times). Every time I have lost a sensor they have replaced it for me, even in circumstances where it might have been user error.

I cannot think of a company in the medical field that provides the level of support that Dexcom provides. They truly are an exceptional company in my eyes. I only wish I found the same level of support with other companies in the medical field.


And they have been that way since the very beginning. I knew a few of the regional reps when the STS3 was first introduced and they all said that customer service was their drummed in message from CEO Andy Rasdel.

No farmed out support either. Their support staff is in house in San Diego, and I’m sure it will be there for many years to come.

And when the company was running out of money eight or nine years ago their customer support never wavered. The only time they weren’t 100% was about four years ago when their user base started to grow and they couldn’t staff their customer service ranks fast enough, it sometimes took a while to get connected to them. But I never felt rushed or shortchanged when calling them.

All in all, an exemplary company.

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I will also say, that they are an amazing company when it comes to fixing their mistakes. With diabetes around, there are so many chances for orders to get messed up etc. The one time Dexcom messed something up, a senior customer service rep called me directly before I knew there was a problem, and fixed the issue on the spot and gave me their direct line so I could use them in the future. Amazing service really! I almost feel bad stretching out our sensors, just to keep them in business.

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they are a wonderful company with an excellent tech support group. they stood by every product they sold. i wore their sensors for a year and a half. i couldn’t get them to work properly on my body, perhaps b/c i am simply too lean and didn’t have enough tissue for proper insertion; so they would come off, or hit a nerve, a capillary, or muscle going in. i could never get more than 3 consecutive days out of one; i KNEW, seemingly, every staff member they had in their company. they MUST have had a file on me as thick as can be. but NEVER once did they deny me a replacement sensor. NEVER ONCE. and, they would over-night it next day air with their apologies.i would recommend DEXCOM to anyone.

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