Dexcom G6 Problem with xDrip

I have just switched from the G5 to the G6. I made sure to follow all of the required changes including enabling the ‘Native Mode’. I had a small problem when the sensor did not start after the required warm-up period.
I now have one remaining problem. For some reason the smartphone has continued to show the message “Sensor Warming”. That has been showing for more than 12 hours. The standalone watch, SWR50, has continued to acquire the correct BG levels without and calibration. That is great except I would like the data down-loaded to the phone for all of the analysis.
Any help would be appreciated.

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On right side, 3 dot menu, check the event log.

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Thanks for the response. I had already inspected the Events Log. I also sent Jamorhan the log and problem. He apparently found a logic problem. The log shows; WearOb1G5StateMachine.

Anyway after 20 hours the G6 is now working. My smartphone now shows all of the date from the watch. I have also been able to calibrate.

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One other comment about the Smartwatch. The Sony Smartwatch 3 seems to work just as well with the Dexcom G6 as it did with the G5. For all of my medical stuff I also use an older smartphone. the Samsung Galaxy S5. I have a pair of the S5, one for medical without the SIM card and the other for my normal phone and text messages.

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Hi @dmac This seems to be a fairly common problem with the watch-phone setup when using the watch as collector, and later G6’s. As you’ve seen it generally does resolve.

One way I’ve been able to quickly resolve this is starting the sensor with the Dexcom receiver. The phone and watch pick up after the first reading and then you can ditch the receiver.

But I continue to get a lot of bogus messages in my events log.

Hi @docslotnick It was very weird that the watch immediately had no problem displaying the BG levels. It was after about the 20 hour period that the phone started to download the data from the watch and worked normally. I was then able to perform a calibration. At first I thought the no calibration was needed since the watch was very close to the correct BG level. At the lower BG level however a calibration was needed.
I can’t wait until the next sensor change, ha.

By the way the SWR50 battery problem has been completely solved. With that new 800 mAh battery the charge level is above 60% after 16 hours of operation. I have a couple of batteries with a higher rating but am very happy with the the existing performance. I probably will install one in my backup watch.

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