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I am in need of help please. I have a dexcom G6 and Its pretty new to me. So I accidentally threw my transmitter away. I have a new one now but my reciever has the SN/code from the last on in it. It does not prompt me to put new code in because it has one. There is no where in the reciever to stop the first to start the new one. My phone is not comparable with the g6. Any advice?

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I don’t use my G6 receiver any more, but at this hour I would call Dexcom Tech Support at 1-844-607-8398.

They are open 24x7.

Good luck.


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@Sally9496 If you do have the Dexcom receiver, go to settings>transmitter info and change the serial number.


You need to scroll down on receiver menu to see stop sensor.

From dexcom
Ending Your Sensor Session

How to end a sensor session early:

  • Go to the main menu of the Dexcom G6 app, scroll to the bottom of the menu, select “Stop Sensor”, and select “Yes”.

Most don’t see/need this option since sensor usually ends based on time.

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I have just recently switched to the G6. At first I tried with some success to use my Smartwatch 3, SWR50, and my phone to work with my first G6 sensor. When I switched sensors I had all sorts of problems and no BG reports. As a final resort I switched to the Dexcom receiver to start the sensor after making sure that my phone and SWR50 were isolated. The Dexcom receiver activated the sensor. I was then surprised that the SWR50 watch after removing it from isolation was also active and reporting the BG levels. My phone however is not reporting the BG levels even though it acknowledged that the watch was getting the data.

Any idea how to get the phone to report the data from the watch?? My most important element, the SWR50, is working perfect as a standalone collector.

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@dmac I don’t know where you are in your troubleshooting, but the first thing to do is restart both the watch and the phone. I’ve had inexplicable phone-watch communication problems like this solved with a restart.

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Thanks for the response. I have just one question. How does a person restart the phone and watch without performing a sensor start??

What tasks are involved in a ‘phone and watch restart’?

Right now the watch is working perfect. I have performed the calibrations with the Dexcom receiver. Everything is perfect except I would surely like to have the data transported to the phone.

I maybe able to answer my own question. I suspect a ‘restart’ is just doing a power-up of both the watch and phone. Hopefully that would be a very simple solution if it works.

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@dmac Yes, just restart the watch by going to settings>restart on the watch, and the phone by pressing and holding the power button.

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I performed the restart on both the phone and watch. After the power up for both devices the phone continues to show “Now start your sensor of check Setting”. The System Status shows that the watch is getting the data.

Either I don’t have the correct xDrip configuration or there is an error with xDrip.

The watch continues showing the correct data.

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@dmac I would just tap “start sensor” in xDrip+ on the phone. It won’t really restart the sensor because the watch is the only component communicating with the transmitter, it will just hopefully get the phone to stop being confused.
You may not even get a 2 hour warm-up, the readings are likely to start after 5 or 10 minutes.

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I will do the attempted sensor restart but only after the 9 day operation of the existing sensor.

Right now the watch is working and the calibrations with the Dexcom receiver work.

I am surprised that xDrip doesn’t have a method to just report the BG values from the watch.

I didn’t realize that when using the G5 system I had relied so much on this SWR50 watch.

@docslotnick I didn’t get to day 9 for the action I mentioned above. This morning something real strange happened. For some unknown reason my phone started an announcement ‘count down’. I had no idea what was happening. I even figured it might self destruct. Everything I tried would not stop this action. The count down finally stopped. When that happened the phone started to announce my BG levels.

I have no idea what prompted this action. Again I am using the Dexcom G6 hardware with the Dexcom receiver for calibration. My smartwatch 3 monitors the G6 transmitter data with the Dexcom receiver. My phone however had not been able to report the BG data from the watch until today.

I am still using the Dexcom receiver for the calibration but wonder what will happen if I try the smartphone for the calibration.

Any additional ideas would be appreciated. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5.


@dmac I’m surprised that xdrip’s self destruct mode failed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I honestly have never heard of a count down in xDrip+. This does indeed sound pretty weird.

As an aside, I have only had intermittent luck calibrating on the phone when I’ve started the sensor with the receiver. I kinda get the feeling that JamOrHam is pretty much at a standstill resolving all the G6 weirdities. And with every new iteration of G6 sensors they seem to get more plentiful.


@docslotnick I just had a conference with programmer. He thinks that countdown might have been an Android update with the phone. From his description of such an update it did sound similar. Why an Android update would ‘kick start’ xDrip is interesting. At least at this time things seem to be working great. I think I will continue to calibrate using the Dexcom receiver. At this time I am not sure how to proceed with the change of the sensor using the phone or Dexcom receiver. Of course a transmitter change will have to be done through both devices.

At this time I am very satisfied with how things are now working.

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If you don’t mind the extra step, you can do it on both the receiver and the phone. You might as well, because you have to input the sensor code on both devices. The receiver and xDrip+ do not talk to each other, but the transmitter talks to both. But they both need the handshake (sensor code).

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@docslotnick The sensor installation worked. All I did was to just use the Dexcom receiver to change the sensor. After the 2 hour warm-up both the Dexcom and the watch started to get the BG data. I did nothing on the phone. I was concerned about trying to enter the sensor number on the phone since it would also try to start the new sensor. Since I am only using the Dexcom for the calibration it didn’t seem to be of concern. I do have another question. Have you yet changed the transmitter? It would be a requirement for the watch to get the new transmitter number for pairing. It seems that the Samsung phone is working great with the Dexcom G6. Of course the watch is doing most of the work. The phone is only doing statistical analysis and voice announcements.

I would still like to get more information on that very strange phone behavior after which the phone started to work with the system. Samsung update??

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Yes, the watch gets the pairing info for the transmitter from the phone. You must enter the new transmitter serial number as usual when you’re pairing a new transmitter, otherwise the phone (and watch) will not know where to look for a signal.

Great everything seems to be working now!

If you started the sensor with the Dexcom receiver and let the phone just pick it up, and you are running native mode, then the phone (or watch) and receiver will just pick up what the transmitter sends. The calculations are done on the transmitter. So you don’t really need to enter the sensor code on the phone.

@docslotnick. I never input the sensor code in XDrip. I only input it on my pump, and once the 2 hrs are up, both work.

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This is how it works using Native mode in xDrip, which is only option now with newer G6 transmitters.

With earlier G6 and G5, not Native let xDrip get “raw” data from transmitter, and do own calc for BG, using code. It could bypass the dexcom transmitter day counter, and just keep on going till transmitter battery failure.

Dexcom continues to lock down what xDrip can get from transmitter.

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