xDrip+ Dexcom G6 Upgrade

I have been using the Dexcom G5 with xDrip. I am using the SWR50 smartwatch as the collector. I will not be switching to the Dexcom G6. Are there any shortcuts in switching to the G6?

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I should have said “I will now be switching to the Dexcom G6”.


If you are not using Native mode in xDrip, you may need to switch to it, but not sure since you also have watch.

If you extend sensors, you should read the topics regarding G6 restart.

@dmac The only thing I would suggest is to run the Data Source Wizard, and choose “G6”. That will give you xDrip’s optimal G6 settings automatically.

If you’re not already, you’ll find that native mode is now running, and preemptive restarts has been disabled. And if you’re used to readings on the watch during warm-up, that doesn’t work with G6.

All the recent G6 sensors are pretty resistant to restarts or sensor extensions. And where I could make a G5 last for 14-16 days, I can’t get more than 9-10 out of the G6. But G6 seems to be much more accurate.

Also, you might get some messages about G6 start failure shortly after you start a new sensor. I just ignore them and let the warm up period complete.

Good luck with the transition.


Thanks for the response. I will follow all of the suggested details. Since I have the G5 working so reliably after solving the watch battery charge restoration problem it is a concern switching to the G6,

By the way did you get the 800 mAh battery installed? I now have two of these batteries, the second for my other SWR50 watch.

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Agreed about 9 days being maximum. OK, 9 days & 2 hrs…

Sure makes me wonder how Dexcom is getting around their claims of 10 days. Especially with CMS, given Medicare approval.