Dexcom G6, brand new, doesnt work with latest xdrip

I’m having trouble getting the G6 working with xdrip on a OnePlus 6T, and there doesn’t appear to be any documentation showing up on google.

Does anyone have a step by step guide?

My experience so far is:

  • clock sync issue
  • restart
  • clock sync issue
  • restart
  • working for 2 readings
  • add blood test calibration
  • stops working forever
  • tried collector restart, does nothing
  • tried stopping device, app says I have to throw it away so I’ve not done this

I’m using the latest nightscout foundation APK. Default settings, entered the calibration code off the film of the implanter. I’ve now lost this so it would be good if there’s a way to recover that number from the app?

  • OB collection is on
  • OB1 initiate bonding is on
  • Allow OB1 unbonding is on
    (I’ve not researched what these are yet)

Any help would be very welcome as this is a massively expensive problem for me!

I’ve had limited success with a G5 in the past with the same phone, but it also had massive connectivity issues like this.


@Minedoesntwork. Welcome to FUD!

First thing you need to do is run the connection wizard. Long press the blood drop icon on the home screen and you’ll get it. Choose G4/G5/G6 and enter your information.

This will automatically pUT in settings for G6, but go back to settings>>G5/G6 Debug and make sure “I am using G6” is checked and uncheck everything else. You can still use OB1 Collector.

I don’t know how you get back the sensor code without the packaging, but it’s no big deal, you’ll just have to do a 2 hour calibration, and then calibrate once a day.

Let me know how it goes.

Edit: Here is a useable phone list. I do.t think your One Plus is on it.