Dexcom G4/G5 transmitter battery replacement

I just posted one that’s definitely still active below :slight_smile:


I have done a couple of battery replacements on G5s, if anyone is interested can contact me

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@dsp1971, welcome to the community! Feel free to introduce yourself on the welcome thread.

I am thrilled that you joined the site! G5 battery replacement appears to be trickier than G4, and it is GREAT to have somewhat of an expert in the community.

What do you find hardest about the battery replacement process in the G5, and how do you deal with it? Do you have any advice for those who might want to have a try at it?

@walkingthedragon88, this is a great link, thank you!

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Thanks to @jroth’s recent posting on the mTransmitter, I noticed that Marek, in Poland, who builds the mTransmitter, is also offering very reasonable G5 battery replacements for UK £15 (about US$25 right now) plus shipping:


Marek posted in the fb group “T-Mini users group” his rechargeable battery replacement for the G4.


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Has anyone used this (Marek’s) service? I’m in the US and shipping didn’t change for me and there’s no instructions on how to get the transmitter to him or returned. I don’t use FB so unfortunately can’t check the group that’s been referenced in the thread. Just need to get the battery replaced on my G5 transmitter ASAP.

Edit: found a guy on Amazon who is replacing batteries for G4 and G5s. Did a little cyberstalking bases on his shop name and came up with him being an electrical engineer. He also mentioned xdrip, so im guessing it’s not a scam (epuld be a weird niche scam…). Could be wrong, but seems legit. He’s doing it for just under $90, which is a little high, but better than new price and his finished product looks really clean. He guarantees his work.

My transmitter is on its last days so will likely order and will update when I get it.


Let us know how it worked out, so others can benefit! Thanks

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I should get my transmitter back tomorrow with the new batteries. The guy I used is GaryT Enterprises on Amazon. He’s located in California, USA.

He offers batt replacement (send yours and he sends it back) or for more will send you one with batt replaced (for people who need it sooner). He was super helpful and sent instructions on Xdrip (I already use it) and his offerings when I first sent him a note. The turnaround time was super fast, 1-2 days and it was shipped back out to me. He guarantees his work for 90 days.

Also heard from another diabetic that “ambermarie1989” on instagram is still offering batt replacement. Dont know what her cost or time frames are though. May be a little cheaper.


Looks like neither Facebook Woman nor Amazon Man deal with G4 Platinums, only G4 Slims and G5s. That seems to leave those with G4 Platinums to deal with Czech Republic Man, which has the downside of distance and shipping time/cost.

It’s only a size difference as far as I can make out – Slim vs, apparently, fat, a difference of 2 mm. One of these people’s pages said you’d know if you had a Slim because there was an orange sticker on the box. There is not an orange sticker on my box. But the Facebook page FAQs say if the number in the upper left of the back of the transmitter is (and I think they mean “ends with”) 05, then you have a Slim. In which case I’m in luck. Upside, I may not have to spend CAN$820 on a new transmitter. Downside, I had to join Facebook.


It might be a violation of the FB TOS but you can still go under something other than your birth certificate stats.
Mine (FB) “might” be just a “little” different.

But if you are looking to get a replacement G4, you would not necessarily have to get the same exact model transmitter you have now. All the sensors for the G4/G5 product lines are interchangeable. So potentially if you have the “not” slim G4 (platinum or whatever it is called) but you get a slim G4 with replaced batteries from a source that does such - it will all work just fine for you.

Only difference would be logistics and cost. Whether you send in a dead G4 transmitter with less cash or whether you ask for a G4 with replaced batteries to be sent to you without having to send in a dead one and potentially a bit more cash.

From a battery replacement point of view, it is a huge difference. I will see if I can find an internal picture of the circuit boards. But the issue is the physcial process of drilling in to replace the batteries on the slim (one circuit board under the battery) is SOOO much easier than replacing the batteries on the fat version which has two circuit boards which sandwich the batteries. Going my memory so I could be wrong. But I will try to find the images to post which would in any event show if I have recalled this properly or not.

= = = = = =

G4 - double circuit board. Two batteries sandwiched between. Doing a battery replacement on this is the advanced class. Model # 9438-01

= = = = = =

G4 - single circuit board. Two batteries on top. This is the “slim” version. Model # 9438-05.
Having trouble finding a good image of the internals. Similar to the G5 but it would not have the bluetooth which you can see in the G5 as the blue chip on the top left of the picture below.

= = = = = =

G5 - single circuit board. Two batteries sitting on top. Model # 9438-06
As mentioned above, the bluetooth chip antenna can be seen in the upper lefthand corner of the board.
The chip which appears to be the actual Bluetooth subsystem sits on the underside of this board.
Also of interest with the G5. Late 2016 a revision was made in the G5 transmitter to allow the 3-hr backfill. But no change to the model number. This revision can be identified by a serial number change. Not sure but I think third character of “N” and greater has the backfill and lower alphas are the earlier G5 without the backfill.

= = = = = =

G6 - single circuit board. One battery on top. Model # 9445-02
(Model # 9445-01 was the G5x which was never released)


I was running a bit low when I joined, so I could not remember my name or birth date. However, the system accepted whatever I typed in, so I’m good to go. Of course this way I will never have any “friends.” :cry:

Just to (possibly) confuse things, I have a Platinum, but it also turns out to be a Slim.

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I know GaryT on Amazon buys depleted G4 slims from his flyer that came with my fixed transmitter, so I’m assuming he is reselling with fixed batteries for G4 slims. He is an electrical engineer, so he may be able to fo the platinum for you too. You can email him at garytenterprises@gmail.com.

I got my transmitter back today from GaryT and it worked right away and battery reading and resistance according to xdrip+ is 100%. It also looks nice- rounded epoxy cover that is the same color as the base so it’s seamless and clean. Looks like the dexcom label was worn off and not hacked up. From the time I shipped it out (priority standard USPS) to back on my body was 7 days.


Thanks for the details. I’ve confirmed with the Facebook people that I have a Slim, so in a few more days when my battery dies, I’ll be working with them and will report back on the experience. I gather they don’t necessarily ship back the exact same transmitter – they can ship another out as soon as they receive your old transmitter and/or payment.

I got a few days short of a year out of my original transmitter. How long do people find the replaced batteries are good for?

Hi, Thomas, I am very curious about how did you get G6 board so clean without any trace of epoxy removal?


ha ha ha - You flatter me.

Trying to dremel the batteries out of a Dexcom is definitely past my skill level.


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