Covid vaccine highs

Following my first AstaZeneca vaccine back in April, I had 5 weeks of marked insulin resistance and ever since then I’ve had sporadic episodes of the same lasting anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Wednesday evening just gone, I got that familiar woozy feeling that’s accompanied each episode and, sure enough, shortly after, my blood sugar started going up and no matter what corrections I threw at it, it remained out of range (low double figures in mmols). My average total daily dose is 30 - 35 units (Novorapid) but yesterday my pump recorded a TDD of 87 units!

It was around 3am this morning that I started to see some return to normality and, right now, whatever process was causing the resistance seems to have petered out. I’ve read some accounts of vaccine-related issues on threads on this forum and on other forums but was wondering if anyone here has experienced this same problem?

One thing is for certain, I’ll never again have the AstaZeneca vaccine. If it was the only thing on offer, I think I’d rather take my chances without anything than experience this unpleasantness again.


My son had the Moderna vaccine, and had no perceivable change in blood sugar management from either of the doses. Maybe you can obtain that one.

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@Chris, thanks. Certainly I’d be hoping that either that or the Pfizer would be on the table when the booster program begins. Just find myself wondering how much longer the effects of the AZ are going to continue :frowning:

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After my second Pfizer shot, I had crazy high carb sensitivity for the following five days. It was nuts. Hope things settle out for you!!


This recurrent insulin resistance is really odd. I had a taste of that with the Moderna vaccine. The only side effect I had with the 1st vax was a bit of IR for one day. The second was much different. 12 hours after, I woke up alternately hot and cold without fever. I felt awful until 12 hours later. For close to a week I had insulin resistance that required doubling bolus to keep from going completely out of range.

I reported this to the US governmental authority that is tracking vaccine side effects. Judging from the metric mmol/L you are not in the US, but you might see if there is an agency tracking.

What I got out of my experience is that this was a preview what an actual Covid -19 infection would be like for me, probably deadly.


@Bananaman, I had the Pfizer vaccine twice and showed no increased insulin resistance.

On the other hand, I frequent get more insulin insensitive for a few days, without ever knowing why.


@T1Allison, thanks.
@CarlosLuis, we have something similar in the UK called the yellow card for reporting vaccine side effects. I reported my experience a month after the first jab.

Over on the forum for diabetes.co.uk, there are numerous accounts of prolonged insulin resistance from the AstaZeneca vaccine specifically. I could be wrong but I think most users of this forum are in N. America where the AZ vaccine hasn’t been widely administered.


Yeah, we are using BioNtec Pfizer, Modern and Jansen (Johnson and Johnson). I think the immune response to the vaccination activates the stress mechanism which raises BG and lowers insulin sensitivity. I get to test this with another vaccination at the end of the month, 2nd Shingles. This one is suppose to be harder on a person than the first. Then or maybe at the same time I’ll get the seasonal flu vaccination.

I’ll be sure to report to FUDiabetes one way or another.


The Shingles vaccine is a beast. I reacted much more strongly to that than the Covid Vaccines (Moderna). On the other hand, having had a shingles outbreak once in my life, I would do just about anything to not repeat that experience.