Covid Vaccine - Second Dose Punch

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I like this guys feed, he does a great job explaining things…
here he talks about why people may feel lousy after second vaccine. Pretty interesting


Liked the video link explaining why the second shot can kick you in the can! Makes some logical sense, though I’m no doc with any authority. I got my second Moderna shot Friday. Had a headache about 30 mins later, developed general body aches that last through the day, felt like a lead brick then next day. The injection arm was hurt when moved and tender to a simple touch through Saturday. Started feeling better Saturday afternoon and this Sunday morning feeling myself, though the injection site is still slightly swollen. Had a slight rise in normal body temp. All in all, not as bad as the flu would normally hit me. Ref BGs, not sure if its a consequence of the shot or not, but have tended to go higher than normal post meals and significantly higher overnight. Unless you have a significant med issue, and given the protection afforded, definitely worth it and its free! Do yourself and others the service of getting the shot!!


A vaccine can only work by tripping our systems into producing a more marked response to an antigen [something that is dangerous to us]. After vaccination if we encounter the antigen we produce a more marked response than we otherwise would.

I guess there may be a way of making a vaccine that doesn’t work by persuading our bodies that the vaccine itself is something that needs to be attacked, but I don’t think any vaccine in existence actually works that way; they are all fakes that promise something so that we deliver but then don’t fulfil the promise.

The next time we encounter the-thing-that-needs-to-be-attacked we fight back with all we have. This is why vaccines work.

So I would expect a second shot of the same vaccine to be far, far, worse than the first, so long as the first worked. (Of course, given the range of symptoms to COVID-19, many, perhaps the majority of, people won’t notice either.)


Got my second Pfizer. Very sore arm again, but nothing else that I could notice. Basal insulin requirement went down enough to make me program a new lower basal profile in my Tandem pump. It’s back up now, two weeks later. May not have had anything to do with the vaccine.

Pandemics are good for something–I have not had a cold for a solid year.


Here’s a radio broadcast from the BBC (the UK state broadcaster) on this; it’s a complete Talk Show radio program, the first 7 minutes 36 seconds document the effect of reactions to vaccines and the science behind it:

You might have to set up an account to access it, but my BBC account has been pretty innocuous; no demands for money like in the US.


Second Pfizer shot kicked my ass. My nurse neighbor theorizes that side effects are linked to which Lot # you got. My brother, sister, neighbor and I all felt the effects of the second Pfizer wayyyyy more than the first shot and we all were in the same Lot #.

I had ear ache, headache, chills, body aches within 12 hours and they lasted about 24 hours. I’m pretty insulin resistant even still…three days later running 30% more basal and adding prebolus time and extra units. My stamina is still down and I want to take a nap.

No official fever per my thermometer.

I’ve been making myself stay active to help with insulin action…but my carb sensitivity is crazy.


I have a headache the day after moderna #2 but I have been traveling and drinking too much wine so it may be that… seems a little more than I would expect though

I’m only about 20 hours since it. Seeing what an absolute nasty swarm of people stacked on top of one another SeaTac is im glad I got it… I have no idea how these airports are considered okay but cruise ships are not…

Not hard to visualize how the USA is having such a hard time with this.

I just got off a Chinese ship and what a night and day difference… easy to see how they got ahead of it


I doubt it has much to do with the Lot number, and more likely is the pre-training of your immune system from the first shot, but hey, collect the data and let the chips fall where they may.


I kinda thought the same thing.

I’m getting a bit tired of this insulin resistance and carb sensitivity. I’m 84 hours post 2nd dose and this resistance seems to be getting worse. It’s worse than my regular periodic resistance. I’m really curious to see if/how/when this resolves.

And as another data point, the first shot definitely impacted my female routine in a big way.

If this was gonna make weird changes to my body, why couldn’t it give me a bigger ass or humidity-resistant hair? What the hell???

ETA: I was doing a deep clean on my boys’ bathroom this morning that took about two hours. I had to stop and rest about four times which is unusual for me. I guess I don’t have my stamina back yet. Didn’t expect this from the vaccine!


I have shared my experience with Covid on FUD posts before, but I gotta tell you - the insulin stuff was nuts when I had Covid. Everything changed. It was all different when I had it. Much more insulin than normal. Ridiculous amounts.


I (and my wife) had sore arms after Moderna #1 then, recently - about the magic two weeks - I had headaches and some amount of muscle aches. Yet I had been drinking too much red wine (isn’t there a song?) so I just assumed I was ++imbibing. Now I don’t have the headaches, so I figure Moderna.
Yet I also don’t have the muscle aches which makes no sense because I’ve been dragging stuff (like a 100lb plate compacter) over the ground like a temporarily [honest] insane thing.

Much more than I would expect. So it has been since late January 2020 when I returned to the US with something that could not possibly be COVID-19 because I hadn’t been to Wuhan. I have to admit I don’t have any desire to go there although apparently everyone who wants something industrial does. I just want to sit at home and watch floaters.


The thing that I think most people know but never seem to comprehend is that the effects of covid are (still) pretty much russian roulette. Some people get it and are not troubled by it. Others get it and suffer greatly. Some suffer so much it kills them.

Why is there such a range of outcomes? Beats me. And I’m not aware of any insights yet that explain these varied reactions.

It’s seems reasonable to me that the reaction to vaccination would parallel the variety of reactions to the disease itself. Some people get hit harder than others. I’m into my third day after my second Moderna dose and so far have not had more than an already fading soreness around the injection site. (Thank &deity; :relieved: !)

Anyone else’s experience most likely will differ. :man_shrugging:


I received my first Moderna vaccine and I had a very sore arm for 3 days and took advil like skittles. Chills on night 2 after the injection. We’ll see what #2 has in store for me.

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I’m 96 hours post-Pfizer Shot #2.

Up’d my basal from +30% to +40% overnight and that finally got me from a stubborn stuck 200 to the 110 area. I’m having to prebolus about 45 minutes still for any effect for meal insulin.


They will eventually figure it out, just like the genetic changes brought about by the black death plagues that hit Europe and favored people with certain genetic mutations. Covid won’t have nearly the same effect of course, because it isn’t killing people of child bearing age at a high enough rate to have that effect, but at some point the scientists will figure out what genes are giving people protection.


I had no symptoms, unusual bg swings, after both moderna injections.

However, last week (one week after 2nd injection), I ended up at ER with another painful kidney stone!


Ouch Sorry. Do you think it has to do with the vaccine?


I doubt it, since I had a similar experience a couple years ago.

However if I actally had covid, I think blood clots and other covid related aspects would likely impact kidneys.


Woohoo! I have been able to get off of the couch today and get some chores done! Five days of being pretty well laid out was pretty interesting. I’ve been able to drop my basal from +40% to +20% and I’m seeing better meal insulin action. Maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

I expected two or three days of suck. But not five!


I’m really interested in hearing about everyone’s reactions!

I had my first dose of AstraZeneca a week ago and the following evening I had full chills followed by a fever, with hip aches and high levels. I got slight chills the following evening and the ache in the hips was back, and then I had the lung feeling like I’d smoked heavily the night before. And my levels were consistently high. The next day that feeling of heavy lungs stayed around, but no other symptoms other than feeling rubbish, and of course, high levels.

I was already booked in when the furore about blood clots started. The Australian govt is now saying that only those over 50 should have the AstraZeneca. Even those in group 1b. [https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines/getting-vaccinated-for-covid-19/when-will-i-get-a-covid-19-vaccine#covid19-vaccination-rollout-phases]
I’m in my 40’s but decided that the benefit far outweighed the risks, especially since the possible serious side effects and symptoms had been broadcasted all over the media, I was confident that if there was any problems, I’d recognise it.

I will be having a serious conversation about the second dose with my Doctor before I have it however.