Can't get xdrip reading displayed on smartwatch 3

Hi, I’ve recently installed xdrip + on my android phone (one+ 6). I’m about to go on a motorcycling tour through the Alps and require an easily accessible blood glucose reading. For some reason, I can’t get my bsl displayed on my Smartwatch 3.
I’ve deleted the Android Wear app, reinstalled it and reset the watch to no avail.
The xdrip app is on the smartwatch 3 but where the blood glucose level is usually displayed I have only dashes! I.e. " _ _ _-- "
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

@Timdiabetic Did you enable the smartwatch from the phone? Settings>Smartwatch features>Android wear Integration and Enable wear collection service? If you are using a G5, check G5/G6 Debug Settings>authenticate G5 before each reading.

Make sure you have Google Play Services installed. And turn on location.