Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from Bluejay GTS

My Bluejay GTS keeps disconnecting from Dexcom G6

Do you wear your watch on the same side of your body as the g6?
Just having it on the opposite wrist causes it to lose connection. The g6 isn’t that song of a signal.
Also, you can set the backfill hours for the watch from xdrip on your phone. I set mine to max. That way if it loses signal, it just catches up when it gets signal again.


Thanks! Yes same side. I just shut Bluejay GTS down and back on and it backfills, same with receiver.

I’m hoping someone else can reply to this too. I find it strange that my phone constantly has connection, even when it’s in a different part of house but my watch cannot maintain connection. Wondering if there’s some settings to change.

@Mandy I can’t offer experience with the watch, but lots of folks here have had positive comments about Bluejay’s. I chalk up many of the issues they and other devices we depend on to the antennae’s in use. The constant, often warranted, effort to make things smaller of necessity impacts the antenae…the directionality, range, and spectrum used vs the orientation and surface of the device itself, plus intervening structures like our bodies, furniture, walls, etc., all have an impact, not to mention competing other RF devices looking to use the same, adjacent, or harmonics of the signal spectrum. That said, anomalies of the manufacture also impact, i.e. sometimes you get a device that is just perfectly put together other times you get a lemon…ala the Dexcom’s that are perfect day 1 and last a good long time (past day 10) others are wonky as can be day one, settle down day two, but die day 7. Despite that, someone else here may have some good advice or you could contact the company, describe the issue, and perhaps some kind soul would send you a new one that’s better put together and works for you!

Welcome Mandy!

As for connection, I see this as typical if you have it set to try and use BOTH the watch AND the phone as a collector on the phone slot for the dexcom.
I change it so that it only uses the watch as the collector, and it will talk to my phone when it’s in range (the watch sends data to the phone, the phone no longer tries to collect from the dexcom itself.)

Hope that makes sense.
If not, we can walk you through it.
It could be something else, but from my experience, that example ALWAYS causes a problem similar to what you are experiencing.

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