Bluejay GTS watch question

I’ve been doing some investigating with all the mentions here about this device. I thought it would be a huge fix to the disruptive DEXCOM high alarms for my daughter. Does anyone have a child using the Bluejay with the omnipod 5? I’ve noticed the g6 transmitter can only be connected to 2 devices. If she were to use the Bluejay in replace of the DEXCOM app on her iphone am I right to assume that her father and myself (and other caretakers in our absence) would not be able to follow her BG levels?

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I don’t have a child using it.
But I have the O5 with my watch connected to the G6.
I have my watch transfer data to xdrip on my phone.
But I have an android phone.
I don’t think there is a good solution to this while using the iphone.

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Hi @Mel529
I think the BlueJay is great for certain specific scenarios. But the limitation of Dexcom only allowing 2 devices to connect does make it a problem if you wanted to follow her Dex.

Since the OmniPod5 is using the non-phone slot, that makes the decision either 1) turn off the OmniPod5 connection to the Dex (not even sure you can do that), or 2) let the BlueJay watch use the phone slot and you couldn’t follow her numbers.

If you are interesting in playing the long-game (it might take some time to get the insurance approval/insurance/prescription, and to build it), the homemade Loop option with the iPhone totally rocks. That let’s you basically do anything you want.

If you are interested in that, @ClaudnDaye’s son uses Loop. He can give a testimony to that. There are a lot of adults here that use it too.

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The only way to use the Bluejay gts watch with omnipod 5 is to disconnect the iPhone Dexcom app from the G6 transmitter. I do it by turning Bluetooth off on my iPhone while using the Bluejay watch. Meaning that the iPhone would not be getting any BG info for the Dexcom app so it could not share with anybody. It doesn’t sound like a good solution for your child.

I don’t use the BlueJay and don’t know its capabilities (possible connections). But am intrigued by the mention of xdrip in this thread. Is it possible xdrip, Sugarmate, or Nightscout could be used to obtain the Dexcom data and forward the info to the parents/daughter instead of attempting a direct connection? Such use would require a phone/internet connection to receive the data, so outages when unavailable would be a reality. Sorry I don’t have the technical knowledge to answer the question…

Thanks for all the answers. Looks like for the time this option is’t something I want to consider. Maybe in a few years. She needs the ability to be a child and know someone has her back when she’s in brain fart mode and not being attentive to her numbers


I think this is not on Dexcom, but a limitation to Bluetooth tech. I have several Bluetooth devices that will only allow pairing with 2.

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Yes with nighscout, but you have to have an android phone, not an iphone.

That doesn’t seem right. My phone can pair with more than 2 devices. And in one of the quarterly conference calls, Dexcom was talking about the possibility of adding a 3rd channel. I read that the bluetooth 5 standard supports up to 7 concurrent channels.


Those are newer standards though.
And while a lot of older stuff can pair many different devices, almost all of them are limited to 2 concurrent.
I doubt the O5 is using anything new and fancy. They are probably going for stable and predictable being that it is a medical device. Not to mention power standards.

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That’s what I meant, thanks.

Not necessarily pertinent to the base question, but why is the type phone a limitation to Nightscout use? I know there are download versions of Nightscout for iPhone, but there is also the web version of Nightscout and the DIY build version with an Apple Developer account. Unless its a restriction of the phone design itself…

It isn’t the nightscout itself, it is the xdrip that needs to be on the phone to receive data from the watch.
Unless xdrip is on iphone now? I know that will make a lot of people happy if/when that happens.

I don’t have any experience with nightscout but there’s an app on the Apple App Store called nightscout x.