AccuChek Aviva test strips? And new case?

Anyone know a good place to get AccuChek Aviva test strips?

I know they have discontinued the meter, but I still use mine, and I can’t find the test strips on Amazon anymore. I’ve gotten a new Contour Next EZ, but would like to have the AccuChek Aviva as a backup. (You know how hard it is to switch meters!) :person_shrugging:

While I’m at it, who has a favorite meter case? I don’t like the flimsy little fabric one that the Contour Next came in. My old one at least had cardboard or something to make it sturdier, but it won’t fit the sloped shape of the Contour. Anyone have a sturdier one that they like?

Maybe this offer?


I am really liking a hard drive case I got from Amazon. It doesn’t fit easily in a jean’s pocket but does ride well in a cycling jersey pocket.? I liked it so much I bought another. The cycling one is on the left and the other for other times.

I wanted something that would hold emergency glucose and food as well as meter lancer and strips. I bought some foil wrapped strips for the cycling case to make room for extra food.

This case will only work with the Contour Next One or Metrx GO with the other stuff I want.


I especially like that you included these photos. I don’t know any T1s so I always like to see what others are doing on a daily basis. This is great insight into what you take with you on the bike and just for every day. :blush:

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Well, I’m type 2 on a pump. I have pedaled myself hypo a few times. It’s not often and usually sudden. The last one I ate glucose tablets and continued on to have BG drop again so I ate the peanut butter crackers. Between the glucose and the crackers I was fueled up to finish the ride.

I never know what’s going to happen so I like being prepared like a good scout.


@CarlosLuis, if I can be so bold as to suggest something…

On this one:

May I suggest either moving the insulin vial over to the mesh pocket side, tucked in behind the meter so it won’t fall out, or using one of these for your vial.

Because everything in that container will survive a drop to the concrete if it accidentally falls out when you open it, except possibly the insulin vial.


That was my plan but is the one con I have for this case. The mesh is not particularly secure. That’s why the vial is where it is.

I will order a couple of those vial protectors when I get home.

You’re the best, Eric, always looking out for us.


From @Eric 's recommendation, I have the foam vial protectors.

They also make the vial easier to hold and manipulate for my arthritic fingers. Although I see that they are not currently available on Amazon.