Accu-Chek Guide

Has anyone used this meter yet? The strip vial looks quite interesting. It looks like it may be a flat design. I wonder if it would fit strips from other meters.

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I tried really hard to find it last year. I thought the same thing, that it would be a good way to hold other strips. But I had a really hard time finding it! I think the problem was that it had just been released and was not widely available yet.

But I have been going with this all the time. Whenever I leave the house, it’s what I take. It is such a compact and simple design (both lancet and strips), and very small and easy to carry that I haven’t been looking for anything else since I started using it.

If you come across a Guide vial, please share your opinion!

I’ll see if I can get hold of one.

I also noticed that the Dario meter has a flat strip vial.

Would be nice if all companies started going this route!

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I just ordered a free meter and ten test strips, so a review (especially of the strip container and whether it will work with other strips) will be coming in a few weeks. :slight_smile: