A record Insulet support call!

I just had a support call with Insulet to get a replacement for a pod that had an alarm.

4 minutes total!

That includes listening to the greeting, punching in the numbers to get to the right support category, verifying all my info with the rep - name, phone number address, birthday - giving the error code, the lot number, the pod sequence number, describing the issue…the whole thing! And also getting the pod replaced!

The dude was a speed talker, and I did not waste any time either. 4 minutes!

I could not believe it!


What’s your best?


I’ve come to expect at least ~15 minutes with all the detailed questions they ask. But I was impressed the last time I called to have a faulty one replaced, they also were willing to replace one I was responsible for knocking off my arm when I caught it on a car door.


That is great. I usually get asked lot’s of questions but usually they will replace the pod w/out me sending back the bad one. A few times, I’m using an expired pod, unbeknown to me, so they won’t replace it.

I wish Dexcom would speed up their support calls, too!


It’s been so long since I’ve had to call, but I don’t ever remember it taking too long. Except when this particularly fun woman agent and I wanted to yap about the state of the world.