Zoster vaccine for shingles

Sorry for another simple question.:blush:
I had my booster vaccination for shingles yesterday (it requires 2doses a couple of months apart). Painful and sore upper arm muscle, where I got the shot, feel crappy, and sore joints (I have rheumatoid arthritis). All results the pharmacist said to expect. He said the strong stimulation of the immune system causes those types of symptoms. Also I was in the low 200s all last night and woke up at 170 which is highly unusual for me. Usually my BG drifts down all night and I wake up low, like 75. I eat the same breakfast every morning and take 5u Humalog, then wind up low 75 before lunch. Today I took 8u and we’ll see if I get down in my normal range.
This is probably due to the vaccine, is that right? I had similar symptoms with the first dose, but I didn’t pay attention to what it did to my BG. I’ll have to go back and look it up.


I don’t know, I don’t think I ever react to vaccines, however I do take acyclovir because I had eye-herpes a while back and it is really scary. Acycolvir, as a prophylactic, is an obvious alternative to the vaccine.


I have never reacted to the flu or pneumonia vaccines, but the pharmacist said the shingles vaccine is “stronger” and induces a greater immune response. I did get back into my normal BG pattern, it just took more insulin this am, but that makes sense because my I:C ratio requires relatively more insulin in the am anyway. Hopefully I won’t be as high BG tonight.

I had a strong reaction to an accelerated Twinrix vaccine schedule I did in preparation for international travel.

I had to increase my doses (basal & bolus) for some time after each shot in the series. I figured that my immune system’s reaction created some temporary insulin resistance. It faded with time.


Thanks, that’s really useful info.

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