Your best April Fools Prank?


I’ll start.

I am one of 9 children and we all loved playing pranks on each other but we never dared play pranks on my Dad because…well, let’s just say we didn’t. But one year we were especially brave and played a prank on him and I remember it to this day. It went like this…

I must have been 12 or 13 at the time. We had gotten our hands on some of the material that people use to put scars and cuts and such on themselves during Halloween time and saved it just for an April 1st prank we planned as siblings. When April 1st came, it was early in the morning and my brothers and I created a masterpiece massive gash on my right arm with fake blood coming out of it and everything. Because they decided I was the best actor, or maybe because they figured I’d be the one to get beat LESS if the prank backfired; regardless, the gash was crafted by my brothers onto my right arm…it must have been 7 inches in lenth and ran pretty much the entire length of my lower arm…it was opened up and blood seeping from it…we were really proud of it.

It was a weekend so our Dad was home. So, my job was to go upstairs and fake a fall and injury. I composed myself and ran full speed up the stairs, ran down the hallway screaming bloody murder. My dad came crashing out of the bathroom and I collapsed onto the hallway, gripping my arm and screaming bloody murder. I’m just pouring the fake crying, screaming when anyone gets near and trying my best to play it off.

He takes one look at it and reacts much differently than I actually expected…but as a father now, I now understand his reaction. He didn’t start panicking and running around, instead, he seemed to snap into a different Dad than I knew and started barking out orders to my brothers (who were on the stairs or in the hallway trying not to break out in laughter…trying to keep it together.) He says to one “Get some towels!” He orders another to get his keys and wallet. He was ready to wrap that arm up and dash off to the Emergency room with me.

So, my brothers aren’t moving as fast as they should be given the serious nature of this emergency and my dad barks at them “Why are you moving so slow! Can’t you see your brothers arm is cut wide open?” Run!!!" My mother by now has figured out it’s a prank because she sees some of my brothers snickering and, I guess she’s better at spotting fake things. She says “Dave, I think the boys are pranking you.” My Dad looked at me…at this point, I had one eye shut and one open and I kind of looked up at him and half crying, half laughing yelled, “April Fools!!!” Then the laughter ensued…all my siblings and my mom broke out in laughter.

My dad…not so much laughter. He was FURIOUS at first. He said, “What kind of prank is this to pull on me? You almost gave me a heart attack!” After a few hours, though, I am happy to report that there were ZERO beatings and he actually told us that we did a really good job on that prank. :slight_smile:

So that’s my best, most memorable, April Fools Prank! Looking forward to hearing yours!



We filled my boss’s office with helium balloons one time.

We also messed with the vending machines at work and put stuff in them. A bunch of bizarre things.

We bought a thousand superballs real cheap from a wholesale place in China and dropped them all from the top story balcony over the atrium in the office complex.

That’s a few of them. I can’t remember all of them.



so I didn’t do this but in college some friends pulled a “Twits” like scenario where they distracted a kid on the hall and then snuck into their room and completely moved everything in the room around by 90 degrees. Then when he came back his roommate acted like nothing was different. That seemed like a fun one.



Told my mom I was pregnant when my third child was just under a year. It wasn’t funny… to her… which made it even more hilarious to me.



Speaking of pregnancies, my wife and I pranked all our friends and family with a pregnancy prank. It went like this…

We decided that we didn’t want ANYONE knowing about 5th son before he was actually born, so we went to great lengths to be sure Erin didn’t go out anywhere, no family were allowed to come visit us for the entire time she was pregnant, etc., We had family who thought we were mad at them.

But the joke was to REVEAL that we had had a baby on April 1st, 2016 and everyone would be like yeah yeah, nice prank. haha. But then I made a video, here, where we revealed that we actually HAD had a baby and showed the baby to the world. Before this video and that reveal, no family or friends had a clue Erin was pregnant with this baby. The whole day on April 1st 2016, before the big reveal, I was posting pics of Erin pregnant (pics we had taken during this pregnancy at different stages). (Like this one)

We had never hidden a pregnancy before, but we thought…with so many kids, LET’S MIX IT UP SOME!.

Now that I re-watch that video and think about it, maybe this one should be my BEST April Fools prank. lol



my friend did this in high school. Waaaaay less funny to her dad I’m imagining.

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I had two that were epic (in my mind), both of which I got in some serious trouble for (which made them epic).

My little brother was 7ish…We were out in a farmers field messing around on our way to the creek. I got little brother to pee on an electric fence. Oh boy , the yelling that ensued…he raced home screaming at the top of his lungs, and I raced the other way.

I worked for a company that was very proud of their in house motivational posters. For April Fools I swapped them all out for posters from Demotivators. The one that almost got me fired was the poster about Leaders being like Eagles, and not having either of them here…I thought it was a laugh riot. Apparently the management didn’t.



Are you sure the shirt wasn’t the April fools joke?



Similar but VERY different :flushed: my 20 year old daughter once pranked me with with a phone call just blubbering (crying so hard she couldn’t breathe) saying she was pregnant!! It took me quite a while to figure it out … and even longer for my heart rate to come down.



Is that YOU??

I am having such a hard time following this story. :woman_facepalming:

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I love 80s and 90s colors and I wear them proudly. :D. I’m a colorful guy what can I say?

Btw, that is NOT the first time I’ve heard that joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s confusing about it Nicky? Yes, that’s me.



Okay, I can’t beliebe you didn’t go ape-poo on her. :rofl:

I didn’t have to take it that far. I pretty much just had to avert my eyes… and say the words, “we’ve got news” to get all the effect I needed for days and days of laughter. My old mom did NOT enjoy my pregnancies. She said one more and she was moving to an undisclosed location. :grin:



I have no idea what’s confusing about it, and I kind of knew it was you… but kinda didn’t. :laughing::rofl:

You guys kept her hidden?! And she was down with that?? :rofl::rofl:



It was her idea.

She didn’t stay in a dungeon… Just didn’t do any family or friends outings.

Watching that video again brought back so many memories. Liam (at the end of the video you see him and all his cuteness) had just been diagnosed a month before that. AND we had the newborn shortly after his diagnosis. Wasn’t any fun managing the newborn AND a fresh diagnosis.



I am not giving you a hard time… I hope you don’t think that. Just enjoyed the story. :grin: Six kids… yes, you gotta mix it up. :hugs:

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With that shirt you could hide in any kindergarten classroom in the country. You could just lay down in the blocks bin and no one would ever find you. Ok, I have to stop the April 1st madness now.



I could also put on a red nose and double as a clown!



Thanks for reminding me of those!

It has been a while.



Well…it wasn’t a joke…and not my joke…and happened on March 31st, 2003…but anyway…

My phone call to a friend on 3/31/03:
Me: You were probably the last one to take off from Meigs Field (airport) last night. Chicago Mayor Daley had it bulldozed in the middle of the night.
Friend: No way. Is this an April Fools joke?
Me: Seriously. Check the aquarium camera feed online. Meigs Field is torn apart. 16 airplanes are stranded there.
Friend: No way.
Me: Yup. Look online. I think you were the last one to take off out of there. Did you see anything?
Friend: No!

My friend was in fact the last one to take off out of Meigs Field before it was secretly demolished. Not even the Tower Controllers knew about it until they got to work that day. My friend was interviewed in Air & Space magazine, I think. Funny thing was, he had rented a plane and was wooing a girl with a dinner date in Chicago. She brought a girlfriend with her to make it less date-ish. And they all three made history.