Valentine's day 2019

Valentine’s Day and the difference between men and women… random thoughts… have more important things to be doing…

I volunteered in my son’s 2nd grade classroom today. There were a total of 28 students, 15 girls and 13 boys. I noted that of the 15 girls, 15 of them were wearing shirts the color pink, purple, or red. Of the 13 boys, 3 were. One was my son, and I put it on him without thinking. Of the other 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were also a coincidence… or that they didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day.

The teacher had on a red dress.

I wore black.


I’m mentally done for the day after navigating two Valentine’s Day class parties today myself (although I have one more social call to get thru…). One was fun and friendly and cute and chaotic. The other was nicer than my wedding and full of social landmines. I was assigned popcorn scooping at the concession stand station…in a classroom. I apparently was not scooping in the preferred manner or quantity. And I incorrectly told a kid that the Kettle Corn was Caramel Corn. (Gasp!) It was entertaining watching other parents frantically trying to fill in whatever voids they apparently thought were there in my technique. I was just following orders. None of this bothered me but the general frostiness to outsiders is a bit obnoxious.

It’s gonna be a while until I’m recharged enough for human interaction again. I’m not built for stuff like that.

But at least I wore red, @Nickyghaleb! :joy::joy: But my son did not. So I guess we’re even.

My son pointed out the girl at his table who’s “always a hot mess” so it was nice to put a face with a description. That was a net positive.


Maybe because we are in liberal San Francisco but there was no gender difference at our school. Nobody was wearing pink or red and all the girls were wearing sparkles, purple stuff and unicorn headbands.
can I just say I hate Valentine’s Day. It seems like a holiday designed to make someone feel bad. If you’re single, you’ll feel bad. If you’re married, you’ll feel bad if your spouse isn’t doing something “romantic,” like paying too much for a prix fixe dinner. And if you’re not doing something romantic for your spouse, you feel guilty. The only ones who seem to be making out okay with this holiday are the kids – not their parents who stayed up all night frantically writing a bunch of generic V-day cards for 26 little kids they don’t know at all.


Yes! :clap: I’m glad I’m not the only one.


What in the world does that mean?

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Today is Valentine’s Day? Who knew? Boy, am I in trouble or what?


You are supposed to use a rusty coffee can that you were using in the garage to store your old broken mercury thermometers in.

Tell that to all the bitty’s at the gathering.


which would explain why the popcorn had that unique special flavor… game changer!


I dressed like I was in mourning. It’s not really my thing either. I was available in the corner for anyone who just needed a friend. :grin:

My son’s teacher, all decked out in red, then had the children walk around and pass out their valentine’s cards while doing a bit of light socializing… except for the kids who didn’t bring any in. They were told to remain in their seats. If they didn’t hate the holiday before today, this may have put them over.

The great news is I had enough Welch’s fruit snacks in my bag to pull off a last minute Halloween party, so I gave those kids what I had. They couldn’t have been sweeter.

Hmmm… I also didn’t mean to spoil the day for anyone who is enjoying it. Potentially there is some very nice stuff in Valentine’s Day, I guess it’s just not always apparent.

That’s still really negative. Now I think I am to Valentine’s Day what the Grinch is to Christmas.

:rose::tulip: Here are some flowers. :grin:


I must come forward as a fan of Valentine’s Day. Though I am a big fan of all of the major holidays that give an excuse to dress in a themed manner and be a little extra cheesey :grin: It’s raining here today but luckily I have a very on theme pastel pink raincoat that I hadn’t worn in a while.

Lil bittersweet this year, since my boyfriend is deployed, but he did surprise me by setting up one of those floral arrangement deliveries. Really made me smile, he totally loves trying to surprise me with things and I totally wasn’t expecting a delivery today. I’ve been forbidden from sending him any more care packages, so he just gets my positive thoughts in return.

I’m going out for Galentine’s Day dinner tonight with a few of my girls, should be a blast. We’re trying to plot out what the best restaurant option will be that probably won’t be absolutely packed with couples, and also serve wine, very tricky combo!

There is some of my nice stuff for this Valentine’s Day :wink::heavy_heart_exclamation:


And that’s definitely the nice stuff. :heart: I hope you have a wonderful evening! :blush:


My wife and I got into a final “understanding” right after I came back from my last deployment (Desert Shield/Desert Storm)! Mazel Tov!


I only started hearing this phrase when I moved to this part of the Midwest…although maybe it’s a trendy phrase? I take it to mean that the person is a bit of a disaster. I hear it at work a lot about other people.


I wish you had been in my classroom when I was a kid. You would have saved me mortal embarrassment and another reason for the teacher to point out the social inadequacies in the odd pupils. @Nickyghaleb that was a rockstar move!


After 50 years of marriage, I buy my wife a large Hersheys bar and put a million dollar bill on one side and a $1 bill on the back. I tell her she is one in a million with balloons and lunch. I try to keep it simple. I am thankful that she is happy with simple gifts. Oh, she also got $500 cash to spend.


Okay, I know I didn’t start this one. You guys are going to think I’m sadistic starting up Valentine’s Day threads only to bash it. :grimacing:


@Nickyghaleb are you sure you’re not a Gemini?


Valentine’s Day seems like quite the manufactured event in my book. My husband plays it safe and gets me my favorite flowers. I completely forget to do anything and go on a last minute shopping trip to pick up something for my kids…and I still forget my husband.

This was a His and Hers from last year to illustrate…


I was due. I’ve been feasting on my banquet of candy in front of those children every day since the beginning of the year. Never inviting them. Today I was Santa Claus. But seriously… what else was I going to do?? I appreciate the credit, but who in here would’ve done differently? Unless all you’re carrying is glucose tablets. Nobody wants those. :grin:

How are you doing, @elver?? How goes recovery??


@T1Allison, look at how sweet you made that!! That is too cute and sweet and funny… makes me think I should send my husband a text just saying, “didn’t get you anything” to see if he feels the way I do. :grin: I sent him this:

So maybe he will like it. :heart: