Xdrip version corrupted?

I recently downloaded an update a few days ago. Yesterday I started a new sensor. I now notice error on the status page.

Connection Status:FW: null
Version : Information corrupted

Glucose readings seem ok. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Are you using G6? Did you change your transmitter, too? The G6 ID usually starts with an 8. The FW message could be referring to not understanding the transmitter id.

It’s a G5 and is 60 days old. I downloaded the update “thinking” that I had Stable- tried and tested version selected. It was actually set to Beta. Oops. Xdrip has so many settings that I prefer to keep things simple. I wish there was a good tutorial to help me totally understand it.

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So glad you resolved it!!

No. It’s not resolved. Same issues. I think reverting back to my last software version will solve it but I don’t know how. :thinking:

Have you tried restarting the collector? Hit the button three times. That solves a myriad of connection problems , and some info from the transmitter is screwed up.

You can revert simply by downloading and installing the desired version. But I don’t think xDrip+ is the problem.

Thanks very much.
I did revert back to the last version 5-18-2019. Everything looks fine now. I wish I had tried your 3X button press first. I only pressed that button once. :frowning_face:
How did you learn that? Is there a good tutorial out there somewhere? I’d be more inclined to get the latest builds.

I’ve been lazy about this. I’m about half way through, but no ETA. I was able to figure out the three times by trial and error. Now I use the Tasker plugin for restarting the collector every hour, so my collection rate is 99-100%.

I think, since it’s so easy to revert, that updating to the nightlies involves very minimal risk.

That was the beta channel version until a few days ago, then 20191027 dropped. The “System Status”/“G5/G6 Status” page is markedly different between G5 and G6, here’s a piccie of what shows with G6 on the same page with the same (October) xDrip+ version:

So far as I can see so far the 20191027 version contains certain changes to fix the new messages emitted by the G6 ‘8G’ (and, maybe, later) transmitters and it contains a patch to disable preemptive restarts on those transmitters: “Preemptive restarts: Not capable” :wink:

I suspect there is nothing new for G5 users, but that’s a hypothesis and therefore subject to disproval. The May (20190518) version was the previous version in the beta channel; I don’t know what is in stable.

There is significant new info on the G5/G6 System Status page for the G5.

We got 2 firmware versions, ASIC, and transmitter shelf life. I have no idea what firmware is being referred to, nor do I know what ASIC is.

In the transmitter; there is no other firmware. Interesting that the G5 transmitter reports a shelf life yet the G6 does not (so far as the authors of xDrip+ know).

FWIW the version of xDrip+ is on the “classic status page”; right drag off the above pages, and the relevant information is the second “Code” line, which is an ISO format date/time of the build of the software. (The bit above seems to be a unique number tagging the source code of the software - a “git tag” in software gobbledigook).

Thanks @jbowler. I knew the Classic System Status Page had the version number and “git-tag”, (from searching for various versions), but I don’t know what ASIC refers to. I certainly can’t correlate the number it gives to an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. And JamOrHam seems to get scarce when somebody brings it up.