Xdrip+ and G6. Strange system status

Last night I inserted a new Dexcom G6 sensor and started it with my Tandem pump, using the correct sensor code. It went into the 2 hour warm up period and xdrip showed sensor still in warm up. After 2 hours the pump started getting readings and xdrip, in Native Algorithm mode, started getting matching readings. Seems like all is well.

But the readings in System Status don’t seem right. In the Classic Status Page, it shows the correct ID of my Transmitter which I had entered when I first installed the app. The Sensor Start is wrong, though. It shows the time of the previous sensor.

In the G5/G6 Status Page, it also shows the correct transmitter ID and the Sensor Status shows the correct age of the sensor. But the sensor calibration code is wrong, showing the code from the previous sensor.

Should I have started the sensor from Xdrip instead of the pump? Is there anyway to get Xdrip to catch up? This is my 3rd sensor I’ve used with Xdrip and the first 2 failed with calibration errors after issuing commands to the transmitter from Xdrip. I was able to restart both by using the remove the transmitter method and get more life out of them but have been trying to use Xdrip for only monitoring since the last calibration error.

Any help would be appreciated.