Weirdness With xDrip+ and G6

Well I took the plunge into the G6 when my last G5 sensor failed at 2:30am! For the life of me I could not get it started in xDrip+. How embarrassing.

So I hiked out the Dexcom receiver I had in the closet (never used, brand new) and updated it. I went to bed at 4am, with no readings.

First thing this morning I connected the transmitter to the receiver, waited the two hour warm-up, and started to get readings on the receiver.

Weird thing is, as soon as I started getting readings, xDrip+ connected and I’m back in business. Readings on my watch again!

So, when you’re stuck and can’t get your G6 connected, try starting the sensor with the receiver and watch the magic happen!


Glad you got it going, that is really kind of a crazy series of events. Do you think it was just the new transmitter that needed some command from the receiver? My son uses his pump to act as his receiver, so we have never even opened the box.

@Chris Th is males me kind of skeptical that I can get readings from xDrip+ on my watch during warm-up. XDrip+ said the watch was getting readings, but the readings were not displayed.

I speculate that the transmitter sends a different signal during warm-up and only starts sending readable data after the sensor warm-up is completed.

Or maybe it was just a weird coincidence.

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