XDrip spreadsheet with settings

I once found a spreadsheet-type post online somewhere. It basically contained various phones’ settings that were successfully used to operate xDrip. I’m wondering where I found it now, as I need it to set up xDrip. Please share a link to it if you know!

P.S. anyone else using the BLU R1 HD for xdrip+? I’d like to know the setting to use in xDrip+

Thank you in advance.

Side note: I now have my phone working with xDrip+. I believe it had to do with pairing a used transmitter. I turned off the iPhone Bluetooth that last received data from this transmitter. It seemed to be only minutes later, xDrip was able to see the transmitter on the “Dexcom said it’s dead battery” transmitter on Android BLU R1 HD.

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I haven’t played around with xdrip, but I am jealous of the information contained in the program. One of these days we may get to it. In the meantime I am sure @docslotnick or one of our other xdrip’ers will be along shortly.

Hi Dr. Not sure if you’re still looking for this, but thought I’d reply just in case. I came across your post in my own search for the document. It’s not easy to find! Cheers!


@SweetChic Thank you very much for this!

You’re quite welcome!