Xdrip-spoken alarms?

Hey y’all,

An obscure question, might be easy for an Android expert: is it possible to have xdrip alarms spoken? Like, “low glucose” spoken for a low glucose alarm? I don’t use text to speech on my phone, but thought it might be nice, sometimes meanings of the alarm tones are not clear, especially in the night.


I second that. For me the alarm tones are never clear; I just switch off the audio. It doesn’t seem that there is any way to do this on an iPhone, but Android is more configurable.

You can select different sounds for the alarms. I use defaults, but learned they can be customized.

Start xDrip+ and make the following settings (hamburger menu at top left)

  • Settings > Alarms and Alerts > Glucose Level Alert List > Create Alerts (high and low) according to your needs.
  • The existing alarms can be changed with a long press on the alarm.
  • Settings > Alarms and Alerts > Calibration Alerts: disabled (reminded via the modified Dexcom app)

Thanks for explaining that. I just now started tweaking the alarms, after using the default tones and one alarm setting for the entire day. Xdrip has a lot of customizable settings for this!

As to the possibility of spoken alarms, it’s probably a question for an Android guru. I saw a post on Reddit which triggered this question. Maybe it’s only possible with adaptability settings where all notifications and everything else on the screen is spoken? I’m hoping it’s possible somehow to limit it to one app… Xdrip

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I found this regarding spoken bg and alerts in car.

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I believe it’s possible to simply record something then set the recording as a notification. It’s not “spoken”, but if you only want a small number of special purpose notifications and are prepared to record them yourself it achieves the same result as text-to-speech.


I never thought of that, thanks! That sounds like fun, too, recording in character voices, for instance. Now, to think of some good ones :thinking:


Here are some ideas for sounds.