Is there a way to turn individual level arms on and off in xDrip+?

I don’t mean all low alerts or all high alerts at once – I mean any the individual ones that we create in the Level Alerts page. If so then ignore the following! :slight_smile:

This would be a highly useful feature if it’s not there already – a simple button to turn the individual alarms on and off. One example of many: Sometimes you want only the urgent lows alarm when sleeping and not a “higher” low that you also have set during the day, and having this feature would mean a simple button push on the main Level Alerts page instead of having to go into the individual editing pages of the different alarms to sort of turn them on or off by changing a value.

Do you mean with xDrip+?

Oops - forgot the write that, just changed it. Yes, with xDrip+. :smile:

@Headlands Actually, alarms and alerts can be automatically cocontrolled with an app called Tasker. XDrip has a Tasker plugin that works very well. Unfortunately, the learning curve for Tasker is quite steep, but, I consider it my second most valuable app.

I made a button on my home screen so I can snooze an alarm at night. Very convenient.

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Huh! I’ll check it out, thanks.

This would be a fantastic feature to have on xDrip+, for anyone that knows how to program (I certainly don’t!).

Wow – looks complicated indeed, but I’m pretty savvy with learning this stuff. Hmmm. There are some other options that do the same thing which are more drag-n-drop, like Automate – all still require a learning curve, which is fine.

Can you explain what you mean by xDrip+ has a Tasker plugin? Is a plugin for xDrip+ necessary for any app that does similar things to Tasker?

@Headlands I’m not sure how other automation apps work, but a developer can include a hook to Tasker called a plugin. This is the UI of that plugin, inside Tasker

The plugin is all part of the xDrip+ app. It is installed with the app.

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This looks awesome! Where do I get the script file itself? I miss tasker. I will have to install it on my new Galaxy S10+. Couldn’t remember the name.

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Hey Doc, I’m finally getting around to doing this. I just bought Tasker and am trying to get it all working. How do incorporate it with xDrip+ so I can see that UI inside Tasker?

@Headlands If you go to plugins in an action in Tasker, you can now choose xDrip+. There are several grenade actions that you can select. In a while, when you are a Tasker wizard you can manually add other actions.